Best [Non Cheesy] Engagement Photo Captions for Insta & Facebook

Best Engagement Photo Captions for Facebook & Instagram Pictures, Non-Cheesy Engagement Ring Captions for Her Him & Guys, Engagement Quotes Images.

Best Engagement Photo Captions for Facebook & Instagram Pictures, Non-Cheesy Engagement Ring Captions for Her Him & Guys, Engagement Quotes Images.

    Engagement Photo Captions

    • . Doe$ thi$ ring m@㉿e me loo㉿ eng@ged?
    • . Re@dy for our bigge$t @dventure yet.
    • . I never li㉿ed my l@$t n@me @nyw@y.
    • . Here’$ to forever. 
    • . Thi$ i$ one for the gr@nd㉿id$. 
    • . They li㉿ed it $o they put @ ring on it! Th@n㉿ you, Beyoncé.
    • . My he@rt i$ full @nd my h@nd i$ he@vy. 
    • . It’$ @bout time. 
    • . Got $o bored in qu@r@ntine, we decided to get eng@ged. 
    • . The e@$ie$t “Ye$” I’ve ever $@id. 
    • . Two $oul$, one he@rt.
    • . I w@nt to live my life with you.
    • . Tod@y'$ forec@$t i$ $hiny with @  percent ch@nce of m@rri@ge.
    • . Wi$h I could relive thi$ moment forever. 
    • . Eng@ged h@$ @ good ring to it. 
    • . It’$ $o gre@t to find th@t one $peci@l per$on you w@nt to @nnoy for the re$t of your life.
    • . “In @ll the world, there i$ no he@rt for me li㉿e your$. In @ll the world, there i$ no love for you li㉿e mine.” —M@y@ @ngelou
    • . We’ve decided on forever.
    • . Thi$ i$ the next p@ge of our love $tory.
    • . Pop the ch@mp@gne, I’m ch@nging my l@$t n@me.
    • . I get to m@rry my be$t friend.
    • . From thi$ d@y forw@rd, you will never w@l㉿ @lone.
    • . “I love you @nd th@t’$ the beginning @nd end of everything.” —F. $cott Fitzger@ld
    • . I @lre@dy ㉿new you were the one, but now I h@ve proof. 
    • . Ju$t when I thought life with you couldn’t get @ny better.
    • . Future In$t@gr@m Hu$b@nd.

    Caption For Engagement Wishes

    • . Love i$ p@tient, love i$ ㉿ind.
    • . @pologie$ in @dv@nce for @nything I $@y or do when I’m in Bridezill@ mode. 
    • . Now you’re $tuc㉿ with me forever @nd @lw@y$.
    • . “You might not h@ve been my fir$t love, but you were the love th@t m@de @ll other love$ $eem irrelev@nt.” —Rupi ㉿@ur
    • . My he@rt will be your $helter, @nd my @rm$ will be your home.
    • . Th@n㉿ God I $wiped right. 
    • . I found the one whom my $oul love$.
    • . I’ve got the whole world on my h@nd. 
    • . Dre@m$ re@lly do come true. 
    • . I h@ve $omething $hiny on my finger.
    • . @nd to thin㉿ I w@$ going to b@il out on our fir$t d@te. 
    • . Our together i$ forever.
    • . He $tole my he@rt $o I’m $te@ling hi$ l@$t n@me. 
    • . Every time I thin㉿ I ㉿now the re@$on why you’re the one, you give me @nother re@$on to @dd to the li$t.
    • . Offici@lly off the m@r㉿et.
    • . Our ro@d $t@rt$ here.
    • . Here’$ to love @nd l@ughter @nd h@ppily ever @fter.
    • . “@ll th@t you @re i$ @ll th@t I’ll ever need.” —Ed $heer@n
    • . From homeroom to retirement home. 

    Engagement Captions for Her

    • . “Wh@tever our $oul$ @re m@de of, hi$ @nd mine @re the $@me.” —Emily Brontë
    • . $ome ㉿not$ @re me@nt to be tied forever.
    • . Di@mond$ re@lly @re @ girl’$ be$t friend.
    • . @ri@n@ might h@ve h@d  ring$, but @ll I need i$ one. 
    • . “Hey b@by, I thin㉿ I w@nt to m@rry you.” —Bruno M@r$
    • . $t@rted from the bottom now we’re here. 
    • . Thi$ i$ ju$t the beginning. 
    • . I $@id y@@@@@@$.
    • . I gue$$ pl@ying h@rd to get didn’t l@$t long. 
    • . I’m $o gl@d I found you. 
    • . “If you live to be , I w@nt to live to be  minu$ one d@y $o I never h@ve to live without you.” —@. @. Milne
    • . Pop the bubbly, I’m getting @ hubby!
    • . You couldn’t tell through the uncontroll@ble $obbing but I did, in f@ct, $@y ye$. 
    • . “㉿eep @ll my love forever.” —The Be@tle$
    • . I @m $o fortun@te th@t I h@ve you to $pend my life with forever.
    • . You don’t m@rry $omeone you c@n live with, you m@rry the per$on you c@nnot live without.
    • . If I h@d to pic㉿ @ f@vorite finger, thi$ one would be it. 
    • . New ring, who thi$? 
    • . Loved you then, love you $till, @lw@y$ h@ve, @lw@y$ will.
    • . I $@id “Ye$,” but wh@t I re@lly me@nt i$, “It’$ @bout time.”
    • . W@tch while I turn Mi$$ to Mr$.

    Engagement Captions for Him

    • . I never w@nt to $top m@㉿ing memorie$ with you. 
    • . “The be$t thing to hold onto in life i$ e@ch other.” —@udrey Hepburn
    • . $hirley B@$$ey w@$ right — di@mond$ @re forever.
    • . ‘Til the wheel$ f@ll off.
    • . “But the gre@te$t of the$e i$ love.” — Corinthi@n$ :
    • . One w@y tic㉿et to the re$t of our live$. 
    • . Bigge$t flex of the ye@r. 
    • . TL;DR: We’re eng@ged. 
    • . @nd the re$t w@$ hi$tory.
    • . I gue$$ I re@lly @m wifey m@teri@l. 
    • . “No me@$ure of time with you will be enough. But let'$ $t@rt with forever."  $tephenie Meyer
    • . Climbed @ mount@in to get here but @t le@$t I h@ve thi$ roc㉿. 
    • . Let’$ pl@y $pot the difference with thi$ photo @nd my l@$t po$t. *ring emoji*
    • . $@dly I won’t be putting my h@nd up ever @g@in when “$ingle L@die$” come$ on @t the club. 
    • . $hine bright li㉿e @ di@mond... ring.
    • . The one where we got eng@ged. 
    • . The future Mr$./Mr. [n@me]
    • . I me@n wh@t w@$ I $uppo$ed to $@y? No? 
    • . Who $@id Tinder/Hinge/Bumble w@$ ju$t for hoo㉿-up$?
    • . In it for the long h@ul.

    Engagement Captions for Guys

    • . “‘C@u$e I’m icy, wifey” —$@weetie
    • . Left home with @ boyfriend/girlfriend, c@me b@c㉿ with @ fi@ncé/fi@ncée.
    • . Next trip? Honeymoon.
    • . Here’$ to going gr@y together.
    • . No longer @v@il@ble. 
    • . True h@ppine$$ i$ h@ving you by my $ide.
    • . I $@id ye$, now when c@n I $@y “I do”?
    • . ㉿eep c@lm @nd get m@rried. 
    • . Gue$$ who’$ getting hitched?
    • . The f@iryt@le$ weren’t lying @fter @ll. 
    • . $ee you @t the @lt@r. 
    • . Never in my wilde$t dre@m$ could I h@ve im@gined @ love thi$ $weet. 
    • . Li㉿e Beyoncé, but $witch the “B” for @n “F.”
    • . “For you, @ thou$@nd time$ over.” —㉿h@led Ho$$eini
    • . No one el$e I’d r@ther do life with.
    • . Low-qu@lity m@nicure, high-qu@lity love. 
    • . I’ve been dre@ming of thi$ moment $ince I met you. 
    • . To infinity @nd beyond. 
    • . I’ll be the one in white. 
    • . Doe$ thi$ me@n they li㉿e me b@c㉿? 
    • . I gue$$ we're $tuc㉿ together now.
    • . In it for the long h@ul.
    • . "You @re my tod@y @nd @ll of my tomorrow$." —Leo Chri$topher

    Engagement Announcement Status

    • . Let'$ get hitched.
    • . @nyone w@nt to come dre$$/$uit $hopping?
    • . It'$ @ gre@t d@y for @n eng@gement. 
    • . Putting the $oul in $oulm@te.
    • . Tod@y i$ the beginning of my @lw@y$.
    • . Thi$ i$ wh@t dre@m$ @re m@de of. 
    • . New level unloc㉿ed: fi@ncé.
    • . The In$t@gr@m po$t you've @ll been w@iting for.
    • . Felt cute, might get m@rried l@ter.
    • . No pl@ce I'd r@ther be th@n with you.

    Engagement Captions for Facebook

    • Your girl i$ getting hitched.
    • Eng@ged $ure h@$ @ nice ring to it.
    • My hum@n for life!
    • I promi$e to t@㉿e c@re of you when you @re old but the fir$t time you hit me with your cr@ne, I’ll w@$h your denture$ in toilet w@ter.
    • It’$ not ju$t eng@gement but @n @greement to live for e@ch other @nd grow old together.
    • Tr@veling from Mi$$ to Mr$.
    • “There i$ never @ time or pl@ce for true love. It h@ppen$ @ccident@lly, in @ he@rtbe@t, in @ $ingle fl@$hing, throbbing moment.” – $@r@h De$$en, ‘The Truth @bout Forever’
    • I’m l@te but here’$ @ thing th@t h@ppened.
    • Pop the ch@mp@gne; I’m ch@nging my l@$t n@me.
    • Feeling $orry for my b@chelor’$ brig@de.
    • Go m@㉿e @ be@utiful life together forever! H@ppy eng@gement to you both!
    • Here’$ come$ the newly eng@ged bride-to-be @nd her $oulm@te. H@ppy eng@gement to u$!
    • We @re eng@ged, now get re@dy for $ome fun!
    • I h@ve @n eng@gement ring, which i$ my f@vorite @cce$$ory.
    • Meet my forever V@lentine.
    • C@n I relive thi$ moment @ million time$?

    Engagement Quotes for Her

    • You ㉿now you’re in love when you c@n’t f@ll @$leep bec@u$e re@lity i$ fin@lly better th@n your dre@m$.
    • Love doe$ not con$i$t of g@zing @t e@ch other, but in loo㉿ing together in the $@me direction.
    • The wedding ring goe$ on the left ring finger bec@u$e it i$ the only finger with @ vein th@t connect$ to the he@rt.
    • We love with @ love th@t i$ more th@n love.
    • He put @ ring on it!
    • Two $oul$, one he@rt.
    • $omed@y $omewhere $omehow I & you will be together.
    • The wedding i$ going to $l@very @nd eng@gement i$ it’$ the fir$t $tep @nd then you @re going to $l@ve$’ Dyn@$ty.
    • My h@nd feel$ he@vier tod@y…I wonder why.
    • Gue$$ I’m living with @ boy now.
    • @fter @ll, di@mond$ @re @ girl’$ be$t friend.
    • Dre@m$ re@lly do come true.

    Non Cheesy Engagement Captions

    • When life get$ more $p@r㉿ly.
    • Wh@tever our $oul$ @re m@de of, hi$ @nd mine @re the $@me.
    • Out of @ll of my finger$, thi$ one i$ now my f@vorite.
    • Where there i$ love, there i$ life.
    • $he $@id ye$! $how $ome love.
    • Eng@gement i$ ju$t trying to find $omeone with the $@me weirdne$$ @$ you.
    • Without you, I’m nothing, with you I’m $omething, but together we @re everything.
    • Pop the bubbly, I’m getting @ hubby.
    • Tod@y, I got @ piece of jewelry I never intend to t@㉿e off.
    • Fin@lly eng@ged, thi$ i$ the perfect moment I h@ve w@ited @ll my life for. Nothing come$ clo$e to w@l㉿ing down the @i$le with my $oulm@te.
    • I re@lly love you @ lot @nd I w@nt to m@rry, will you m@rry me???
    • It’$ $o gre@t to find th@t one $peci@l per$on you w@nt to @nnoy for the re$t of your life.
    • I wi$h you to h@ve @ be@utiful life together.
    • “@ long m@rri@ge i$ two people trying to d@nce @ duet @nd two $olo$ @t the $@me time.” – @nne T@ylor Fleming
    • Two le$$ fi$h in the $e@; one more loc㉿ @nd ㉿ey.
    • Congr@tul@tion$ on your incredible new eng@gement ring! Oh, @nd your fi@ncé $eem$ pretty good too.

    Engagement Photo Captions Funny

    • To h@ve @nd to hold. Forever.
    • C@n’t w@it to grow old together.
    • God gifted you to one @nother $o you c@n tre@$ure e@ch other forever.
    • “Well, he i$, the fine$t m@n I’ve ever met. He’$ ju$t everything.”-Hod@ ㉿otb
    • I @lw@y$ ㉿new you were my $oulm@te.
    • I @m $o fortun@te th@t I h@ve you to $pend my life with forever.
    • Oh, my he@rt c@n’t cont@in it!! $o $weet! Congr@tul@tion$!
    • I c@n conquer the world with one h@nd @$ long @$ you @re holding the other.
    • I’ll be there from when you w@㉿e up to when you lie your he@d down to re$t.
    • Congr@t$ on your eng@gement! I c@n’t w@it until In$t@gr@m the wedding!
    • Jeez! My f@vorite finger h@$ fin@lly got the ring.

    Best Engagement Photo Captions

    • I’m going to m@rry the $hit out of you.
    • True love $torie$ never h@ve ending$.
    • From the d@y of your eng@gement until the end of the d@y$ m@y your life be full of true love.
    • “Thi$ i$ wh@t dre@m$ @re m@de of.” — Hil@ry Duff
    • For it w@$ not into my e@r you whi$pered, but into my he@rt.
    • You @nd I m@㉿e @ wonderful WE. H@ppy Eng@gement D@y my love!
    • My preciou$ prince i$ ch@rming for whom I h@ve been w@iting for $o long. #Fin@lly_Got_Eng@ged
    • Forever th@n㉿ful for thi$ gorgeou$ girl @nd for the @m@zing life for u$ @he@d. I love you.
    • Meet my p@rtner in crime, the love of my life.
    • We were $tr@nger$ once. Tod@y, we @re @ m@tch m@de in he@ven. Proudly Eng@ged!
    • Thi$ Romeo h@$ found hi$ Juliet.
    •  I promi$e th@t I will be there for you through thic㉿ @nd thin.
    • $o thi$ i$ wh@t forever loo㉿$ li㉿e? I love it.
    • @n eng@gement ring i$ the $m@lle$t h@ndcuff ever m@de to choo$e your pri$on m@te wi$ely.
    • Fin@lly, he put @ ring on it!
    • I li㉿e hi$ l@$t n@me $o I @m going to t@㉿e it.
    • I w@nt @ll of my l@$t$ to be with you.
    • We’re mourning for tho$e lo$er$ who thought we both wouldn’t m@㉿e it.
    • Out of @ll of my finger$, thi$ one i$ now my f@vorite.
    • Eng@ged? It $ure doe$ h@ve @ ring to it.
    • Congr@tul@tion$ on getting eng@ged @nd $urrendering your freedom.
    • Being c@lled your fi@ncé i$ o㉿@y but being c@lled your “better h@lf” i$ more @ccur@te!
    • M@y you @lw@y$ fill e@ch other’$ life with love. Congr@tul@tion$ on your eng@gement!

    Engagement Ring Photo Captions

    • Congr@tul@tion$ on your eng@gement! We ㉿now you c@n m@㉿e e@ch other very h@ppy.
    • When you re@lize you w@nt to $pend the re$t of your life with $omeone, you w@nt the re$t of your life to $t@rt @$ $oon @$ po$$ible.
    • @ $ucce$$ful m@rri@ge require$ f@lling in love m@ny time$, @lw@y$ with the $@me per$on.
    • I wi$h you th@t qu@rrel, mi$under$t@nding, @nd mi$fortune will never ever touch you. H@ve @ long @nd h@ppy life together!
    • You complement e@ch other li㉿e coffee @nd cre@m. You @re @ m@tch m@de in he@ven. Congr@tul@tion$ on being eng@ged!
    • Give @ m@n @ finger, he’ll put @ wedding ring on it!
    • My hum@n$ @re getting m@rried, or My hum@n$ got eng@ged.
    • F@mily i$ li㉿e mu$ic; there @re $ome high note$ @nd $ome low note$, but it’$ @lw@y$ @ be@utiful $ong.
    • I ㉿now your m@rri@ge will be @$ $trong @nd l@$t @$ long @$ our friend$hip. Congr@t$!

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