250+ Instagram Captions For Girls (Cute,Sassy,Naughty,Attitude,Blackgirl)

Best short Instagram captions such as sassy, cute, attitude, savage, pretty, good, stylish, bad girl, black girl, and selfie caption only for girls.
Hey Girls, are you looking for Instagram captions such as sassy, cute, attitude, savage, pretty, good, stylish, bad girl, black girl, and selfie so that you want to make your photo more attractive then believe your search is over because today through this post we are going to share some of the best captions with you which will show your picture more accurately.

Instagram captions for girls such as sassy, cute, attitude, savage, pretty, good, stylish, bad girl, black girl, and selfie caption.

Why a caption is required for a photo or bio?

We can treat a caption as the title of a book. Just as a book is without title, in the same way, there is a picture without caption.

If you have posted a picture without any caption, then the real importance of that picture will not be revealed to the people.

Conversely, if you shared your photo with a good caption, then the engagement is more likely because, with the help of caption, people will be able to follow the characteristics of that photo.

This is the reason that no person shares any of his photos without caption nowadays.

How to find the perfect caption for your pic?

The answer to this is very simple, to find the perfect caption, you have to understand what kind of photo you are going to share. Is your photo reflecting any feelings such as happiness, sorrow, anger, or do you just want to share one of your selfies?

We have made special headings for all these feelings which will go a long way in finding a perfect caption for your own photo.

How to use these captions?

To use these captions given, you have to follow these simple steps.

  • First of all, select a caption for yourself which is perfect for your photo.
  • After that touch and hold that caption for a while so that it will see the option to copy.
  • Select the entire caption and copy it and go to your photo and paste it in the given caption section.
  • You can also use an emoji as per your wish so that your photo can get more beauty.

What is special in this post?

If you have visited a website before, then you must have noticed that in all the websites you get the same type of caption that copy-paste with each other.

But in this post, you will get to see something new. We have introduced caption in a completely different way for you in this post.

The font style of each caption is completely different which enhances your photo even more.

If you used any caption from here, 100% will get even more likes in your photo. And maybe people will also ask you by commenting where you have found such captions which are so good.

If this happens, then you promise us that you will definitely share this article with them.

So let's not look at the post for a long time and choose the caption of our choice.

Cute Captions for Instagram Pic for Girl

These captions are only for girls who are very cute and sweet and who are looking for a cute caption for their cute selfie. All the captions given below will be perfect for you.

Cute Captions for Instagram Pic for Girl
  1. "With the cute$t."
  2. "My cute girl."
  3. "#Cutegirl."
  4. "Cute ⟲ver eg⟲."
  5. "T⟲ me, I'm m⟲$t cute ⟲n thi$ planet."
  6. "All-time cute."
  7. "I can't live with⟲ut cutene$$."
  8. "Ju$t cute."
  9. "I’m the girl y⟲u’ll never BE."
  10. "I’m ju$t a girl wh⟲ enj⟲y$ minding her bu$ine$$…Literally!"
  11. "A girl $h⟲uld be tw⟲ thing$: CLA$$Y and ԲABUL⟲U$."
  12. "The m⟲$t attractive acce$$⟲ry a girl can have i$ C⟲NԲIDENCE."
  13. "Y⟲u can’t $pell awe$⟲me with⟲ut ME."
  14. "A girl $h⟲uld be li㉿e a butterԲly. Pretty t⟲ $ee, hard t⟲ catch."
  15. "A girl $h⟲uld be tw⟲ thing$: Wh⟲ and What $he want$."
  16. "IԲ At Բir$t, Y⟲u D⟲n’t $ucceed Բix P⟲nytail Try Again."
  17. "Li㉿e me ⟲r hate me, I’d $till be thi$ pretty."
  18. "L⟲ve me ⟲r hate me, either way, I’m g⟲nna $hine"
  19. "When y⟲u’re d⟲wnie eat a br⟲wnie."
  20. "I’m n⟲ beauty queen, I’m ju$t beautiԲul me."

Good Captions for Instagram (Girls)

These captions are only for girls who want to keep a good image of themselves in front of their followers and who are looking for a good caption for their pic.

Good Captions for Instagram for girls
  1. "G⟲⟲d girl$ g⟲ t⟲ heaven, bad girl$ g⟲ everywhere."
  2. "Whatever i$ g⟲⟲d Բ⟲r y⟲ur $⟲ul, d⟲ that."
  3. "Blue $㉿ie$, high tide$, and g⟲⟲d vibe$."
  4. "G⟲⟲d Բ⟲⟲d, g⟲⟲d m⟲⟲d."
  5. "Livin’ the g⟲⟲d liԲe."
  6. "G⟲⟲d vibe$ ⟲nly."
  7. "I’ve been Բeline g⟲⟲d t⟲day."
  8. "Devel⟲ping $⟲me g⟲⟲d habit$ t⟲day."
  9. "It’$ g⟲⟲d that y⟲u have tw⟲ hand$ becau$e I can be a handԲul."
  10. "IԲ g⟲⟲d thing$ c⟲me t⟲ th⟲$e wh⟲ wait, I’m g⟲nna be an h⟲ur late t⟲ ⟲ur date."
  11. "A g⟲⟲d Բriend might ㉿n⟲w y⟲ur wild $t⟲rie$ but y⟲ur be$t Բriend wa$ right there with y⟲u."
  12. "There i$ alway$ a wild $ide t⟲ an inn⟲cent Բace."
  13. "It’$ the heart ⟲Բ g⟲ld and $tardu$t that ma㉿e$ a girl beautiԲul."
  14. "Real girl$ are never perԲect and perԲect girl$ are n⟲t real."
  15. "$mile. It de$tr⟲y$ wh⟲ want$ t⟲ de$tr⟲y y⟲u."
  16. "$he l⟲ve$ m⟲⟲nlight and rain$t⟲rm$ and $⟲ many ⟲ther thing$ that have a $⟲ul."
  17. "Girl$ can $urvive with⟲ut a b⟲yԲriend. Girl$ can’t $urvive with⟲ut a be$t Բriend."
  18. "A girl’$ be$t Բriend i$ her pride."
  19. "I am the prince$$ ⟲Բ my ⟲wn Բairy Tale."

Pretty Girl Instagram Captions

These captions are for those girls who are pretty much by behavior and who have come to this post in search of a pretty caption for their selfies.

Pretty Girl Instagram Captions
  1. "I’m pretty, but I’m n⟲t, li㉿e, a ‘pretty girl.’"
  2. "Li㉿e me ⟲r hate me, I’d still be this pretty."
  3. "A girl sh⟲uld be li㉿e a butterԲly. Pretty t⟲ see, hard t⟲ catch."
  4. "Hating me d⟲esn’t ma㉿e U pretty."
  5. "IԲ y⟲u’re g⟲ing t⟲ be tw⟲-Բaced, at least ma㉿e ⟲ne ⟲Բ them pretty."
  6. "Y⟲u can’t buy happiness, but y⟲u can buy ma㉿eup, which is pretty much the same thing."
  7. "M⟲ve ⟲n the princess, there are b⟲ys wh⟲ w⟲uld beg Բ⟲r y⟲ur pretty little heart."
  8. "Str⟲ng w⟲men rule the w⟲rld."
  9. "With brave wings, she Բlies."
  10. "C⟲ԲԲee in ⟲ne hand, C⟲nԲidence in ⟲thers."
  11. "S⟲me girls are just b⟲rn with glitter in their veins."
  12. "N⟲ matter h⟲w y⟲u Բeel Get up, Dress up, Sh⟲w up and Never give up."
  13. "Y⟲u can change the w⟲rld girl."
  14. "I Բantasized ab⟲ut being s⟲me s⟲rt ⟲Բ a princess."
  15. "Wal㉿ li㉿e y⟲u have three men wal㉿ing behind y⟲u."

Stylish Girl Captions for Instagram Bio

These captions are for girls who are quite stylish and modern who are looking for a good stylish caption for their selfie which they can make a connection with their followers.

Stylish Girl Captions for Instagram Bio
  1. "My $tyli$h dre$$ t⟲ impre$$ ⟲nly me."
  2. "It'$ n⟲t my accent, but my brevity ma㉿e$ me $tyli$h."
  3. "$tyle i$ 'uniquene$$', Բa$hi⟲n i$ 'c⟲mm⟲nne$$', $⟲, be $tyli$h!"
  4. "Beauty i$ n⟲t ab⟲ut being Բ⟲rmal ⟲r $tyli$h, it'$ rather ab⟲ut h⟲w y⟲u thin㉿ ⟲Բ y⟲ur$elԲ in Բr⟲nt ⟲Բ the mirr⟲r!"
  5. "$tyli$h i$ being c⟲nԲident, independent and having Բun."
  6. "D⟲n’t y⟲u li㉿e me? C⟲⟲l! I L⟲VE my$elԲ!"
  7. "Pin㉿ i$ n⟲t ju$t a c⟲l⟲r it’$ an attitude."
  8. "$h⟲rt hair, d⟲n’t care."
  9. "DRE$$ h⟲w y⟲u want t⟲ be ADDRE$$ED."
  10. "I’m n⟲t beautiԲul li㉿e y⟲u. I’m beautiԲul li㉿e me."
  11. "Dre$$ li㉿e y⟲u’re already Բam⟲u$!"
  12. "I will ride, and I will Բly. Cha$e the wind and t⟲uch the $㉿y!"
  13. "IԲ y⟲u cann⟲t d⟲ great thing$, d⟲ $mall thing$ in a great way."
  14. "$tr⟲ng w⟲men rule the w⟲rld."
  15. "Bac㉿ and better than ever."

High Attitude Captions for Girls

These captions are for girls who want to put an attitude-filled image of themselves in front of their followers on Instagram, which people should read and respect.

Attitude Captions for Girls
  1. "My height i$ 5’1, but my attitude i$ 6’1."
  2. "My middle Բinger $alute$ y⟲ur attitude."
  3. "D⟲n’t li㉿e my attitude? Rep⟲rt me at wh⟲-care$-d⟲t-c⟲m."
  4. "Attitude i$ li㉿e pregnancy, n⟲ matter h⟲w l⟲ng y⟲u hide it, it will c⟲me ⟲ut."
  5. "My LiԲe. My Rule$. My Attitude."
  6. "Excellence i$ n⟲t a $㉿ill, it’$ an attitude."
  7. "My attitude i$ my Բrame ⟲Բ mind, Li㉿e me a $ec⟲nd per$⟲n y⟲u can’t Բind."
  8. "Attitude i$ a little thing that ma㉿e$ a big diԲԲerence."
  9. "I d⟲n’t have an attitude pr⟲blem, y⟲u have a percepti⟲n pr⟲blem."
  10. "Բ⟲r $ucce$$, Attitude i$ equally a$ imp⟲rtant a$ Ability."
  11. "With hair, heel$, and attitude, h⟲ney, I am thr⟲ugh the r⟲⟲Բ."
  12. "Alway$ ㉿eep that happy attitude."
  13. "$ucce$$ i$ the by-pr⟲duct ⟲Բ y⟲ur attitude."
  14. "Y⟲u Are the Ma$ter ⟲Բ Y⟲ur Attitude."
  15. "A p⟲$itive attitude will lead t⟲ p⟲$itive ⟲utc⟲me$."
  16. "A negative attitude i$ nine time$ m⟲re p⟲werԲul than a p⟲$itive attitude."
  17. "Ad⟲pting the right attitude can c⟲nvert a negative $tre$$ int⟲ a p⟲$itive ⟲ne."
  18. "It i$ a p⟲$itive attitude t⟲ward$ liԲe that ma㉿e$ dream$ c⟲me true."
  19. "A $tr⟲ng p⟲$itive mental attitude will create m⟲re miracle$ than any w⟲nder drug."
  20. "I d⟲n’t have an attitude! …Ju$t a per$⟲nality that y⟲u can’t handle!"
  21. "Y⟲ur attitude, n⟲t y⟲ur aptitude, will determine y⟲ur altitude."
  22. "Բir$t, they watch. Then they hate. Then they c⟲py."
  23. "I ㉿n⟲w ju$t what I’m wantin’."
  24. "My c⟲urage i$ my cr⟲wn, and I wear li㉿e a Queen."
  25. "$he i$ a beauty. $he i$ in grace. $he can al$⟲ punch in the Բace."
  26. "Real queen$ Բix each ⟲ther’$ cr⟲wn."
  27. "Be y⟲u becau$e y⟲u’re pretty."
  28. "Dre$$ing well i$ the be$t revenge."
  29. "LiԲe i$ t⟲⟲ $h⟲rt t⟲ wear b⟲ring cl⟲the$."
  30. "$ee㉿ re$pect, n⟲t attenti⟲n."
  31. "Be $⟲me⟲ne’$ $unday. N⟲t $aturday night."
  32. "C⟲z we never g⟲ ⟲ut ⟲Բ $tyle."
  33. "I d⟲n’t have an attitude pr⟲blem; I ju$t carry a per$⟲nality y⟲u can’t handle."
  34. "Bac㉿ and better than ever."
  35. "Y⟲u’re a Diam⟲nd, Dear. They can’t brea㉿ y⟲u."
  36. "LiԲe i$ a party, dre$$ li㉿e it…"

Selfie Captions for Instagram for Girls

For girls who are looking for a good caption for their selfie, here are a lot of selfie captions, using which they can make their selfie even more attractive.

Selfie Captions for Instagram for Girls
  1. "It’$ $elԲie ⟲’cl⟲c㉿."
  2. "$elԲie $unday."
  3. "Be$t. $elԲie. Ever."
  4. "I d⟲n’t alway$ ta㉿e $elԲie$."
  5. "$ending my $elԲie t⟲ NA$A, becau$e I’m a $tar."
  6. "Believe in y⟲ur #$elԲie."
  7. "IԲ I $end y⟲u ugly $elԲie$, ⟲ur Բriend$hip i$ real."
  8. "D⟲ it Բ⟲r the aԲter $elԲie."
  9. "But Բir$t… let me ta㉿e a $elԲie!"
  10. "It i$ $elԲie-time $⟲mewhere!"
  11. "A $elԲie a day ㉿eep$ the d⟲ct⟲r away!"
  12. "Maybe $he’$ b⟲rn with it."
  13. "The$e are the day$ we live Բ⟲r."
  14. "I wa$ b⟲rn t⟲ $tand ⟲ut."
  15. "Why $⟲ $eri⟲u$?"
  16. "⟲h hey there."
  17. "$unday Բunday."
  18. "IԲ y⟲u have eye$, l⟲⟲㉿ at me n⟲w!"
  19. "LiԲe i$ better when y⟲u’re laughing."
  20. "Y⟲u’re the ㉿ing, baby I’m y⟲ur queen."
  21. "The$e are the day$ we live Բ⟲r."
  22. "Cinderella never a$㉿ed Բ⟲r a prince."
  23. "Text me bac㉿ ⟲r I’ll Բind y⟲u."
  24. "I’m everything y⟲u want but can’t have."
  25. "It’$ $elԲie time."
  26. "$h⟲w any⟲ne and I’ll ㉿ill y⟲u."
  27. "Dime piece."
  28. "Y⟲u’re never g⟲ing t⟲ have me."
  29. "What day i$ it again?"

Sassy Captions for Instagram Selfies

For the girls who are very naughty, here are a lot of sassy captions which they can use in their selfie.

Sassy Captions for Instagram Selfies
  1. "$h⟲rt, $a$$y, cute and cla$$y."
  2. "Alway$ cla$$y never tra$hy and a little bit $a$$y."
  3. "D⟲n’t get mad, get $A$$Y."
  4. "$a$$y, Cla$$y, and Bad-a$$y!"
  5. "IԲ I wa$ $a$$y, I w⟲uld have a g⟲⟲d In$tagram capti⟲n."
  6. "I’m u$ually ca$t a$ the $a$$y, bra$$y be$t Բriend."
  7. "I live my liԲe alway$ being cla$$y, never tra$hy, and I am little $a$$y a$ well."
  8. "M⟲ve ⟲ver pe⟲ple; my $a$$y m⟲de i$ in Բull Բ⟲rm t⟲day."
  9. "I’m $a$$y, even th⟲ugh I hate that w⟲rd! I’m $en$itive and cry really ea$ily."
  10. "A $a$$ a day ㉿eep$ the ba$ic$ away."
  11. "Thr⟲w $a$$ ar⟲und li㉿e c⟲nԲetti."
  12. "⟲ut ⟲Բ the way, w⟲rld. I’ve g⟲t my $a$$y pant$ ⟲n t⟲day."

Savage Instagram Captions for Girls

There is a collection of savage caption here that girls can use in their Instagram pics and show their savageness.

Savage Instagram Captions for Girls
  1. "50% $avage, 50% $weetheart."
  2. "Didn’t they tell y⟲u I wa$ a $avage?"
  3. "$avage$ Բight, Battle$ waged at night."
  4. "Be $avage, n⟲t average."
  5. "Be $avage becau$e when y⟲u are wild, n⟲ el$e i$."
  6. "$avagery-wrapped up, y⟲u ugly!"
  7. "I th⟲ught I wa$ t⟲⟲ intellectual t⟲ read $⟲mething li㉿e, “$weet $avage L⟲ve."
  8. "Didn’t they tell y⟲u that I wa$ a $avage?"
  9. "There i$ a $avage bea$t in every man."
  10. "I have learned in Բa$hi⟲n t⟲ be a little $avage."
  11. "$he ha$ a $avage heart, but $he ha$ a g⟲lden heart a$ well."
  12. "Her attitude i$ $avage, but her heart i$ g⟲ld."
  13. "Turn y⟲u $avage up and l⟲$e y⟲ur Բeeling$."
  14. "$he i$ a c⟲mbinati⟲n ⟲Բ $en$itivity and $avage."

Bad Girl Instagram Captions

Some girls are looking for bad girl caption just for fun, for them, we have a collection of bad girl captions which they can use in any social media platform.

Bad Girl Instagram Captions
  1. "G⟲⟲d girl$ g⟲ t⟲ heaven, bad girl$ g⟲ everywhere."
  2. "Bad girl$ ain't n⟲ g⟲⟲d but g⟲⟲d girl$ ain't n⟲ Բun."
  3. "G⟲⟲d girl$ are ju$t bad girl$ that never g⟲t caught."
  4. "There are n⟲ g⟲⟲d girl$ g⟲ne wr⟲ng - ju$t bad girl$ Բ⟲und ⟲ut."
  5. "I wa$ li㉿e a g⟲⟲d girl, bad girl, there were n⟲ grey area$ Բ⟲r me."
  6. "It'$ the g⟲⟲d girl$ wh⟲ ㉿eep diarie$; the bad girl$ never have the time."
  7. "Y⟲u're a bad girl, trying t⟲ Բ⟲rce me ⟲ver the edge ... But y⟲u d⟲n't have t⟲. I'm already there. I'm already l⟲$t in y⟲u."
  8. "The wh⟲le 'bad girl' thing all⟲w$ me t⟲ me$$ up $⟲metime$. And I have the Բreed⟲m t⟲ $ay m⟲re ⟲Բ what I want t⟲."
  9. "A bad attitude i$ w⟲r$e than a bad $wing."
  10. "I w⟲nder why it i$, th⟲$e y⟲ung men are alway$ cauti⟲ned again$t bad girl$. Any⟲ne can handle a bad girl. It'$ the g⟲⟲d girl'$ men $h⟲uld be warned again$t."
  11. "I d⟲n't l⟲⟲㉿ at her li㉿e $he'$ a bad girl. $he ju$t mi$under$t⟲⟲d $⟲metime, $he'$ a little tr⟲ubled, $he'$ a little dy$Բuncti⟲nal. $he'$ a $urviv⟲r."

Black Girl Instagram Captions

Some girls are looking for black girl caption on the internet, for them, we have a collection of black girl captions which they can use in any social media platform.

Black Girl Instagram Captions
  1. "Brainy Blac㉿ Girl!"
  2. "Unap⟲l⟲getically Brainy Blac㉿ Girl!"
  3. "Blac㉿ Girl$… Magical $ince birth!"
  4. "$he i$ Blac㉿ Girl Excellence. $he i$ Me."
  5. "H⟲n⟲r R⟲ll Li㉿e a Blac㉿ Girl."
  6. "Blac㉿ W⟲men and Blac㉿ Girl$ are Exqui$ite Beauty in EVERY $hade."
  7. "Blac㉿ Girl$ create magic, $⟲ that ma㉿e$ me magical."
  8. "#blac㉿girl"
  9. "UpliԲt. In$pire. Elevate. Blac㉿ W⟲men Win!"
  10. "C⟲nԲident Blac㉿ W⟲man. I Celebrate $elԲ."
  11. "$HE Blac㉿. $HE Can. $HE D⟲e$. $HE Win$."
  12. "I am $tephanie Lahart! An intelligent, emp⟲wered, and c⟲nԲident Blac㉿ Queen. Purp⟲$ely Բearle$$!"
  13. "H⟲N⟲R R⟲LL Li㉿e a BLAC㉿ GIRL."
  14. "Blac㉿, intelligent, and educated... N⟲w that’$ P⟲WER."
  15. "I’m a Blac㉿ w⟲man. Emp⟲wered, p⟲werԲul, and greatne$$."
  16. "I $hine bright li㉿e an excellent cut r⟲und brilliant diam⟲nd, D in c⟲l⟲r, and Բlawle$$ clarity."
  17. "Blac㉿ didn't crac㉿, but it did level up."
  18. "I am a blac㉿ w⟲man, A blac㉿ queer w⟲man."
  19. "My $㉿in i$ n⟲t a $in."

Short Instagram Captions for Girls (One Word)

Here you will find a collection of short Instagram captions which are captions of one or two words. Those who do not have to use big captions can use short captions from here.

Short Instagram Captions for Girls (One Word)
  1. "LiԲe i$ $h⟲rt wear cute $h⟲e$."
  2. "LiԲe i$ a way t⟲ $h⟲rt Բ⟲r bad vibe$."
  3. "$h⟲rt $a$$y cute and cla$$y."
  4. "LiԲe i$ t⟲ $h⟲rt t⟲ wa$te it."
  5. "He li㉿ed her with l⟲ng hair $⟲ $he cut it $h⟲rt."
  6. "G⟲ Green."
  7. "There are n⟲ $h⟲rtcut$ t⟲ any place w⟲rth g⟲ing."
  8. "Rare."
  9. "Brave."
  10. "$h⟲p⟲h⟲lic."
  11. "Bl⟲⟲ming."
  12. "$⟲re."
  13. "DriԲter."
  14. "DiԲԲerent."
  15. "G⟲LD."
  16. "$un㉿i$$ed."
  17. "Textr⟲vert."
  18. "Pa$$i⟲n."
  19. "Talented."
  20. "$arca$tic."
  21. "Bada$$."
  22. "Wanderlu$t."
  23. "Բr⟲$tbite."
  24. "At⟲mic."
  25. "Chillin."
  26. "Բearle$$."
  27. "Than㉿Բul."
  28. "Re$ilience."
  29. "BrainԲreeze."
  30. "Live."
  31. "Dreamer."
  32. "Daydreaming."
  33. "Bli$$Բul."
  34. "Hangry."
  35. "Glam⟲r⟲u$."
  36. "C⟲nԲident."
  37. "$weating."

Frequently Asked Questions

How to write instagram captions?

Write a nice, direct caption and don’t hesitate to make use of your sense of humor. And, of course, don’t forget about proper grammar and spelling.

How to write a caption for girl on instagram photo?

Your Instagram caption should be attention-grabbing and easy to read and follow. It should also speak to the content and the audience.

How to write great instagram captions that drive engagement?

A photo caption is not a place for writing long stories. You have 2,200 characters available, but keep it brief. Unless your profile is about sharing specific knowledge, you should let the post speak for itself. The caption should provide context for the photography, inspire your followers, and show brand personality.

How to edit Instagram Caption?

To edit a caption: Tap (iOS) or (Android) above your photo or video. Tap Edit. Edit a caption to your post, then tap Done (iOS) or (Android).

How to add spaces in instagram caption?

Open the Notes app on your phone and draft your caption. When you want to add a space, hit “Return”. Copy and paste what we have between these brackets: [____] or add in a series of underscores “_” by holding down on the hyphen symbol on your keyboard.

Why can't i put captions on my instagram post?

From the sound of your problem, I know exactly the cause. The reason your caption is being removed is because it is too long — I'm referring specifically to the number of hashtags you're including in your caption.

How to put captions on instagram photos?

Tap at the bottom of the screen. Take a photo or video or choose one from your phone's library. Tap Next. You can also add effects or filters. Tap Next again, and then tap Write a caption... Enter your caption and tap OK > Share iPhone or Share Android.

How do you caption photos on instagram?

A number of your followers should be active on your profile, not only liking your posts, but also by commenting on them and engaging in discussion. If the engagement rate falls between 3% and 6%, we can say it’s good. If more, that’s great, but if less, you need to adjust your Instagram strategy.

How to caption multiple photos on instagram?

On the next screen, enter your caption as you normally would. If you tap on the image thumbnail while writing the caption, you can scroll through the slideshow and tag users in individual images. You can tag individual users in individual images within your Instagram slideshow.

Can i delete instagram captions?

Yes, To delete a caption: Tap (iOS) or (Android) above your photo or video. Tap Edit. delete a caption to your post, then tap Done (iOS) or (Android).

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