IG Captions 2021 | 6 Pro Tips to Write an Engaging Instagram Caption

Today I'm sharing my favorite Instagram caption hacks to teach you how to write an engaging IG captions in 2020, you can use these Instagram caption tricks to improve your post.

    In today's post, I want to talk about the six mistakes that I consistently see people making when they are writing their Instagram captions.

    Now even in my own client base and people in my community, I constantly hear how challenging it is to write engaging and captivating captions for your audience.

    So if you want to learn about the six mistakes that I always see then keep on reading.

    how to write better Instagram captions or how to write a caption on Instagram photos, you can use these Instagram caption tricks to improve your post.
    IG Captions 2021
    Hey guys, today I'm sharing my favorite Instagram caption hacks to teach you how to write captions on Instagram. When you learn how to write better Instagram captions or how to write a caption on Instagram photos, you can use these Instagram caption tricks to improve your post!

    1. Unmeaningful Captions

    The first mistake that I always see is when people write unmeaningful captions, meaning that your captions have no relevancy to your audience whatsoever.

    A good example of this is captions that are just simply an emoji or a song lyric or something that's just super random that has nothing to do with what your audience interests are.

    Now obviously, there are tons of accounts that can get away with this, specifically meme accounts, humor accounts, makeup accounts, sexy selfie accounts, but at the end of the day.

    My personal philosophy is that when you have a really engaging caption that is meaningful to your audience, it will increase the chances of someone commenting, but not only this, sparking a deeper conversation with you through the DM.

    But at the end of the day, regardless if you choose to use the caption space as a microblog or maybe just a witty one-liner, you really want to think about your audience at the end of the day.

    What would your audience want to see?

    What would your audience really resonate with, and try to deliver that through that caption?

    Now some of you guys might be wondering, "Well, I have no idea what my audience wants."

    Tip: Understand Your Audience Need

    Now what I personally do when I'm writing a better caption, and I'll put an example right here - Engaging Instagram Captions, that has generated a lot of engagement rate, is when doing captions, I always think about the types of conversations that I'm having with my audience.

    For me, personally, a lot of people in my audience are in the beginning stages of their entrepreneurial journey and they really have a lot of struggles around that.

    That's why a lot of my captions are centered around the story so that I can really teach them and give them important lessons through that caption, which has increased not only my engagement rates but also the type of relationship that I have with my audience.

    Now if you are someone who is just starting out your account and you don't really have an audience to connect with yet, what I highly recommend is joining Facebook groups within your niche, going on forums, and really doing a lot of social listening, to understand what people in your audience or in your future audience is talking about, the questions that they have, and try to answer those questions in your Instagram caption.

    2. Engaging Hook

    The second mistake that I see when people write their Instagram captions is that they don't have an engaging hook.

    What a lot of people don't realize when they're writing their Instagram captions is that the first sentence is one of the most important.

    What I mean by this is even when you're scrolling through the feed, what you'll notice is that Instagram will only show the first line of the caption unless you click See More.

    So if your first line isn't engaging enough for someone to really want to read the rest, then you're kind of in a pickle.

    Not only this, but the second mistake that I see a lot of people make within that first line is also that it's too long.

    If that first sentence is way too long, half of it will get cut out.

    That's why you really want to be conscious of the length and making sure that people can actually read it within that first line without needing to click See More and that it's still engaging and relevant enough for them to want to click See More and read the rest of that caption.

    3. Spacing is Non-Existent

    The third mistake that I see people making when they are writing their Instagram captions is that the spacing is non-existent, meaning that as they're writing their caption, it's basically a blob of text.

    Any normal human being, when reading that, they're going to be completely turned off because when you're just looking at that from a birds-eye point of view, it looks very overwhelming.

    So if you want to make it easier for your audience to follow along, make sure that you have those white spaces to make it easier on the eyes.

    Now to defeat this problem, what a lot of people do is that they'll put dashes in between, they'll put emojis in between, but what I like to do is I like to use this website right here. Apps4lifehost.com

    I copy my caption in it first, and then I convert it to insert all the white spaces, and then I paste it onto my post.

    This is going to help me have those white spaces without me needing to add more emojis and without me needing to add those dashes in between my paragraphs or blurbs.

    Tip: Max 2 Sentences

    Now a rule of thumb to make it a lot easier on your audience is to just make sure that each section has only about two lines max.

    If you have more than two lines, it really does become a little bit too overwhelming on the eyes.

    Now I completely understand if your microblog or your caption is something that is super meaty and you have a lot of information to share.

    I get it.

    But please, just try your best to make it as easy on the eyes as possible to increase that retention of someone actually following through with reading the entire piece of content.

    4. Way too many Emojis

    The fourth mistake that I see a lot of people making, actually, is putting way too many emojis in your caption.

    Now even for myself, this was a mistake that I made a lot.

    I would always feel the need to bombard my caption with emojis on every single line in order to make my message a lot more captivating.

    But at the end of the day, what I slowly realized is that it was actually distracting my audience and taking away from the message that I wanted to share.

    So I definitely hope that you take this advice. But at the end of the day, everyone's preferences are different. These are just mine.

    5. Caption all about them

    The fifth mistake that I see people make when they are writing their captions, and that is is that they are making their captions all about them.

    Now when you are writing a caption, I understand a lot of people like to tie their own personal stories.

    However, the mistake that they make is that they don't tie that story to their audience.

    They're not making it relevant to their audience, and instead, all you see is a victim story or something that is completely about them in the caption.

    It's always about I, I, I, I, I, and never about you, you, you, you, you, if that makes sense.

    So when you are writing your caption, you really want to make sure and you ask yourself, "How is this relevant to my audience? What is the lesson that I want to share?"

    Really think about the audience versus always thinking about yourself, because if you're constantly only thinking about yourself and the story that you want to share and you're not linking it back to your audience, what that caption becomes is a diary or a journal entry.

    It's nothing relevant.

    It's nothing life-changing for someone else, only yourself.

    So at the end of the day, what you want to realize is when you are writing a caption and you really want it to be meaningful to your audience, you want to ensure that each piece of content that you're doing has a key takeaway for your audience to walk away with, and it's not just a story that is all about you.

    6. Not having a Call to Action

    Last but not least, the last mistake that I see a lot of people making in their caption is not having a call to action.

    Now personally, I believe how you end a caption is just as important as how you start a caption, meaning that when you have a beautiful caption written and there is no call to action after or there is nothing that you're telling your audience to do afterward, you're really leaving an opportunity on the table.

    That's why at the end of your captions, really give direction to your audience on what to do next.

    Don't have an anti-climatic caption, so for instance, maybe at the end of the caption you can say, "DM me if this resonated with you," or, "Comment below if you agree," or, "Like this post, if you agree."

    Really give some sort of action step for your audience to take after reading this wonderful caption that you've created just for them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to write instagram captions?

    Write a nice, direct caption and don’t hesitate to make use of your sense of humor. And, of course, don’t forget about proper grammar and spelling.

    How to write a caption for girl on instagram photo?

    Your Instagram caption should be attention-grabbing and easy to read and follow. It should also speak to the content and the audience.

    How to write great instagram captions that drive engagement?

    A photo caption is not a place for writing long stories. You have 2,200 characters available, but keep it brief. Unless your profile is about sharing specific knowledge, you should let the post speak for itself. The caption should provide context for the photography, inspire your followers, and show brand personality.

    How to edit Instagram Caption?

    To edit a caption: Tap (iOS) or (Android) above your photo or video. Tap Edit. Edit a caption to your post, then tap Done (iOS) or (Android).

    How to add spaces in instagram caption?

    Open the Notes app on your phone and draft your caption. When you want to add a space, hit “Return”. Copy and paste what we have between these brackets: [____] or add in a series of underscores “_” by holding down on the hyphen symbol on your keyboard.

    Why can't i put captions on my instagram post?

    From the sound of your problem, I know exactly the cause. The reason your caption is being removed is because it is too long — I'm referring specifically to the number of hashtags you're including in your caption.

    How to put captions on instagram photos?

    Tap at the bottom of the screen. Take a photo or video or choose one from your phone's library. Tap Next. You can also add effects or filters. Tap Next again, and then tap Write a caption... Enter your caption and tap OK > Share iPhone or Share Android.

    How do you caption photos on instagram?

    A number of your followers should be active on your profile, not only liking your posts, but also by commenting on them and engaging in discussion. If the engagement rate falls between 3% and 6%, we can say it’s good. If more, that’s great, but if less, you need to adjust your Instagram strategy.

    How to caption multiple photos on instagram?

    On the next screen, enter your caption as you normally would. If you tap on the image thumbnail while writing the caption, you can scroll through the slideshow and tag users in individual images. You can tag individual users in individual images within your Instagram slideshow.

    Can i delete instagram captions?

    Yes, To delete a caption: Tap (iOS) or (Android) above your photo or video. Tap Edit. delete a caption to your post, then tap Done (iOS) or (Android).


    Now at the end of the day, what I want you to realize is that these six mistakes that I'm pointing out are only my own personal preferences.

    Everyone is entitled to deliver and consume content the way that they want.

    These are just the general things that I've noticed and the things that I have changed that have really worked for me, and for me to have a really high engagement rate.

    If you have a different way of doing things, you do, but these are just my tips. Thank You.