269+ Best Savage Captions for Instagram- Haters, Ex & Friends

Savage Captions for Instagram, Savage Captions for Haters, Savage Captions for Ex, and Savage Captions for Friends.

    Some people keep searching for savage captions for Instagram stories but they cannot find any captions of their choice. 

    But today we have brought some selected Instagram caption for all those people who have gone crazy on the internet in search of Savage Captions for InstagramSavage Captions for HatersSavage Captions for Ex, and Savage Captions for Friends.

    You select your favorite savage caption from here and copy them and go and paste them in your Instagram stories. I hope you like our collection of this savage caption for boys and girls.

    Savage Captions for Instagram - haters-ex-friends-guys

    Savage Captions for Ex

    • I’m @ ㉿ing with or without @ queen
    • I @m not @ prince$$ who need$ $@ving. I @m @ queen I h@ve got thi$ h@ndled.
    • If you tre@t me li㉿e @n option, I’ll le@ve you li㉿e @ choice.
    • P@in i$ tempor@ry, but no m@tter how h@rd it get$, the g@in$ @nd growth @re wh@t m@tter$. $uffering i$ wh@t you m@㉿e of it, it m@y be good or b@d, it’$ @ll @ p@rt of @ proce$$, th@t m@㉿e$ u$ $trong not on the phy$ic@l only but ment@lly @nd $piritu@lly @$ well. P@in i$ @ growth component, li㉿e ㉿id$ fir$t teeth cutting, it’$ me@nt to hurt, but it’$ for the better.
    • Life goe$ on 
    • $o, don’t bl@me me for my @ttitude.
    • Confu$e them with your $ilence & @m@ze them with your @ction$
    • When @ mon㉿ey put on m@㉿eup. It $till the $@me mon㉿ey.
    • Your Prioritie$ Decide$ Your @ttitude!!
    • Re@lity i$ ju$t int@ngible, wh@t we do not believe i$ $omething th@t we c@nnot $ee.
    • Be @ggre$$ive in the pur$uit of your go@l$ don’t be @fr@id to $how teeth @nd $@y no remove neg@tivity live li㉿e @ ㉿ing @nd be remembered. Or die @nd be forgotten li㉿e everyone el$e
    • Fight or f@(㉿-ng die. It’$ re@lly $imple. Why do people m@㉿e life $o complex?
    • $ending my photo to N@$@ ’c@u$e I’m @ $t@r 
    • It’$ not th@t you need be in your limit$, it me@n$ you mu$t flow with control.
    • I’m $un$hine mixed with @ little hurric@ne 
    • Tell me not to do $omething, I’ll do it twice @nd t@㉿e @ picture.
    • I prefer being my$elf wh@tever you $@y.

    Savage Captions for Haters

    • People h@te you bec@u$e of the w@y th@t other people love you.
    • I’m more f@mou$ th@n you. $o, b*tch ple@$e don’t h@llucin@te.
    • $o, t@㉿e it b@c㉿ @ll of thi$ bull$h!t th@t you g@ve me.
    • Too b@d you c@n’t photo$hop @n ugly per$on@lity!
    • $ometime$ you ju$t gott@ go @nd do wh@tever you w@nt! Becoz life offer$ only one ch@nce @nd I’m d@mn $ure don’t w@nn@ w@$te for $tupid thing$!
    • There come$ @n @ge where u re@lize $mile i$ @ll you needed, to live h@ppily! @nd th@t’$ I gott@ thi$ life!
    • Be p@$$ion@te. Be po$itive. Be @ttr@ctive.
    • We @re @ll m@de in the im@ge of God! We $hould not envy one @nother @nd @ppl@ud one @nother upon @chievement!
    • Believe in your$elf, God h@$ $ent you on e@rth for $ome $peci@l t@$㉿.
    • Thi$ i$ wh@t m@㉿e$ me ㉿eep going!!
    • Don’t $top me now!
    • Cuz'$ life could co$t you @ $ingle penny to @ worth beyond million doll@r$ which @w@㉿e$ you to live, to cheri$h, to fulfill it.
    • Everyone i$ @ g@ng$ter until the re@l g@ng$ter enter$ 
    • It’$ good to be different th@n to be in @ world th@t i$ full of copy.
    • Lion$ don’t concern them$elve$ with the opinion of $heep.
    • Hu$tle until your h@ter$ @$㉿ if you’re hiring
    • The ㉿ey to being h@ppy i$ ㉿nowing you h@ve the power to choo$e wh@t to @ccept @nd wh@t to let go
    • You ch@nged bec@u$e of the people in your e@r $t@y $olid to the $h!t th@t you ㉿now‼️
    • We @ll h@ve our different world, which cre@te$ @ difference @nd m@㉿e$ e@ch other different.
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    Savage Captions for Friends

    • I’m not here to m@㉿e friend$.
    • F@㉿e friend$ @re li㉿e penny coin$. They @re worthle$$ @nd h@ve two f@ce$.
    • $ome people @re ju$t $o f*c㉿ing f@㉿e
    • I’m liter@lly thin㉿ing $ince 5 min$ for @ c@ption @nd thi$ i$ it
    • Getting @ hug from the right per$on @t the right time feel$ li㉿e he@ven!
    • ㉿now your worth!
    • Ju$t rel@x 
    • It’$ Mi$$ion Impo$$ible
    • Ye@h th@t or, you c@n ju$t be @ tot@l lo$er @nd let everyone $tep @ll over you for the re$t of your life.
    • Nobody c@n $t@nd up for you if you don’t $t@nd up for your$elf fir$t!
    • Let it out!
    • Let them ㉿eep undere$tim@ting you c@u$e you’ll h@ve more th@n enough ㉿nowledge to emb@rr@$$ them.
    • Never @pologize for burning too brightly or coll@p$ing into your$elf every night. Th@t i$ how g@l@xie$ @re m@de.
    • My lip$ @re the gun. My $mile i$ the trigger. My ㉿i$$e$ @re the bullet$. L@bel me @ ㉿iller.
    • $ometime$ people $@y I’m perfect. Then I $t@rt to l@ugh @nd pretend to deny it, but deep down I ㉿now they’re right. I’m f@(㉿ing fl@wle$$ lol
    • If you c@n’t be the fir$t Be Different!
    • There i$ @lw@y$ @ wild $ide to @n innocent f@ce.
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    Most Popular Savage Captions

    • $ometime$ you expect more from $omeone c@u$e you'd do th@t much for them.
    • You @re bu$y doubting your$elf while $o m@ny people @re intimid@ted by your potenti@l$.
    • It t@㉿e$ gr@ce to rem@in ㉿ind in cruel $itu@tion$.
    • Be@uty @ttr@ct$ the eye but per$on@lity @ttr@ct$ the he@rt.
    • The direction i$ $o much more import@nt th@n $peed. $ome @re going nowhere, f@$t.
    • People don't @b@ndon people they love, People @b@ndon people they were u$ing...
    • $ometime$ people don't come b@c㉿. @nd $ometime$ th@t'$ o㉿@y.
    • Don't $tre$$, The could h@ve. If it $hould h@ve, It would h@ve.
    • I wo㉿e up with @ good @ttitude every d@y, then idiot$ h@ppen.
    • You c@n't ch@nge $omeone who doe$ not $ee @n i$$ue with their @ction$. You c@n only ch@nge how you re@ct to them.
    • $top overthin㉿ing, you @re only cre@ting problem$ th@t @ren't there...
    • The ch@r@cter i$ how you tre@t tho$e who c@n do nothing for you.
    • M@㉿e pe@ce with your bro㉿en piece.
    • M@㉿e more move$ @nd fewer @nnouncement$.
    • Your energy introduce$ you before you do.
    • The gr@$$ i$ greener, where you w@ter it.
    • If you @lw@y$ do wh@t you h@ve @lw@y$ done, you will @lw@y$ get wh@t you @lw@y$ got.
    • One d@y you'll l@ugh @t how much you let thi$ m@tter.-Morley.
    • Don't $tre$$ the could h@ve$. If it $hould h@ve, It would h@ve.
    • You @re @llowed to be both @ m@$terpiece & @ wor㉿ in progre$$.
    • If you don't he@l wh@t hurt you, you'll bleed on people who didn't cut you.
    • Don't worry @bout tho$e who t@l㉿ behind your b@c㉿, they're behind you for @ re@$on.
    •  If not now, Then when? 
    • Expecting thing$ to ch@nge without putting in @ny effort i$ li㉿e w@iting for @ $hip @t the @irport.
    • Ju$t $@y yi㉿e$ @nd move on.
    • You h@ve to be odd to be number one.
    • You c@n't @lw@y$ $mile, people feel li㉿e they got you @ll figured out.
    • You c@n't go b@c㉿ @nd ch@nge the beginning but you c@n $t@rt where you @re 3 ch@nge the ending.-C.$.Lewi$
    • I @m loo㉿ing in the mirror @nd w@tching my every move, I @m w@tching my enemie$ @nd I @m w@tching my friend$ too.
    • He who @nger$ you control$ you.-Im@m @li.
    • People ch@nge @nd thing$ go wrong but ju$t remember life goe$ on.-M@c Miller.
    • Holding @ grudge i$ letting $omeone live rent-free in your he@d.
    • T@㉿e the ri$㉿ or lo$e the ch@nce.
    • They don't $@y you directly but they h@te you but you $@y them directly you don't c@re.
    • It $eem$ li㉿e people w@nt you to give them the type of love they don't give to you.
    • They $@y good thing$ t@㉿e time$ th@t'$ why I @lw@y$ l@te.
    • I don't need @nger m@n@gement, I need people to $TOP PI$$ING ME OFF.
    • Don't put me in @ po$ition where I got to $how you how cold my he@rt c@n get.
    • $ome t@l㉿ to you in their free time, @nd $ome free their time to t@l㉿ to you. Le@rn the difference.
    • @nd d@rling I m@y be @fr@id to be @lone but I @m br@ve enough to live without you.
    • I told him to t@㉿e c@re of hi$ eye$ bec@u$e they @re the only b@ll$ he h@$.
    • I w@nt to get lo$t @nd find my$elf @g@in.
    • Don't judge my choice when you don't under$t@nd my re@$on$.
    • $ometime$ be@uty i$ not enough then you mu$t become @ be@$t.
    • Life too㉿ @n @we$ome turn when you left with your C@ncel my $ub$cription bec@u$e I’m done with your i$$ue$
    • Growth i$ when your Ex i$n't Even your type @nymore.
    • My Ex @nd I divorced for religiou$ re@$on$. He thought he w@$ God @nd I didn't.
    • Even my middle finger i$ bigger th@n your he@rt
    • I @m re$pon$ible for wh@t I $@y, not wh@t you under$t@nd of it…
    • De@r Ex, I won't bloc㉿ you, or delete you.I'm ㉿eeping you there, $o you @re @ble to $ee how h@ppy I @m without you.
    • I thin㉿ it'$ import@nt to re@lize you c@n mi$$ $omething, but not w@nt it b@c㉿.
    • Hotter th@n your Ex, Better th@n your next.
    • Honey, even dog h@ve $t@nd@rd$.
    • Be you not wh@t he/$he w@nt$ to be.
    • There’$ no “we” in frie$.
    • You @re thu$ f@ux th@t even Chin@ refu$ed to ju$t @ccept th@t they cre@ted you.
    • @ he@lthy mind doe$ not $pe@㉿ ill of other$.
    • I'm not $hy, I ju$t h@ve no intere$ted in t@l㉿ing to you.
    • @ be$t friend i$ $omeone who love$ you when you forget to love your$elf.
    • ㉿now your worth, then @dd t@x.
    • Be $@v@ge, Not @ver@ge.
    • If you hurt my relief in @$$oci@ted me@n$ I'll cre@te your de@th @ppe@r @$ if @n @ccident.
    • He@lth i$n't ju$t @bout wh@t you @re e@ting. It$ @l$o @bout wh@t you @re thin㉿ing @nd $@ying too.
    • I love being me, It pi$$e$ off @ll the right people.
    • F*c㉿ $oci@l medi@, I @m dope in re@l life.
    • Off cour$e you mi$$ me.I'm @m@zing.
    • When life give$ you lemon@de then @dd vod㉿@.
    • I li㉿e who I becoming, @ lot.
    • $ucce$$ i$ @ lonely ro@d, Only @ few d@re$ to t@㉿e.
    • Do not be $o bu$y th@t you forget who you @re.
    • $ometime$ the gr@$$ i$ greener bec@u$e it'$ f@㉿e.
    • B@be if you $t@nd too ne@r to the he@ter then there'$ @n opportunity of you obt@ining unfrozen @$ @ re$ult of pl@$tic melt$ $imply.
    • Tru$t the vibe$ you get energy doe$n't lie.
    • It'$ o㉿, to vibe by your$elf.
    • Queen$ don't ch@$e, bec@u$e th@t'$ how your crown f@ll$ down.
    • Don't feel guilty for doing wh@t'$ be$t for you.
    • Be c@reful when you follow the M@$$e$, $ometime$ M i$ $ilent.
    • Confidence i$ not "They will li㉿e me".Confidence i$ "I'll be fine if they don't".
    • B@by, love your$elf li㉿e you @re not w@iting for $omeone el$e to do it.
    • Tre@t me li㉿e @ jo㉿e @nd I will le@ve you li㉿e it'$ funny.
    • H@ting me doe$n't m@㉿e you pretty.
    • My $ign@ture, My $tyle, My identity.
    • You don't li㉿e my @ttitude, Th@t'$ fine. It doe$n't li㉿e you either.
    • I @m not @ $econd option, either you choo$e me or lo$e me.
    • Love me or h@te me, I $till gonn@ $hine.
    • I don't loo㉿ b@c㉿ unle$$ there i$ @ good view.
    • I c@n't w@it till I c@n @fford to be who I @ctu@lly @m.
    • I @m not me@n, I @m direct.
    • If you thin㉿ I @m me@n then you @re we@㉿. 
    • Tru$t me, honey, I’m 10 time$ you THIN㉿ you @re
    • If $pe@㉿ing my mind m@㉿e$ me @  den I will gonn@ be d bigge$t u h@ve ever meet.
    • Thi$ i$ my life $o you h@ve @ limit 
    • Revenge? N@h, I’m too l@zy I’m pl@nning to $it here @nd let f@te you up.
    • $oon @$ I w@l㉿ in dog$ @re b@r㉿in’H@ter$ pl@y the b@c㉿ I $t@y in front li㉿e h@ndic@pped p@r㉿in-RedM@n
    • Je@lou$y i$ @ di$e@$e, Get well $oon.
    • Don’t put your no$e in my bu$ine$$.
    • Your p@rent$ too regret your birth @nd th@t night.
    • H@ter$ @re chec㉿ing my p@ge li㉿e...
    • E-I-H-T now $hould I continue..you left out the G c@u$e the G @in't in you-DJ Qui㉿di$$ing MC Eiht
    • I thin㉿ pun㉿ roc㉿, e$peci@lly for me, w@$ r to thi$ whole t@lent thing.
    • 71% of E@rth i$ covered with e@rth @nd the re$t 28.9% with idiot$.
    • De@r, I @m fl@ttered th@t I'm @lw@y$ @ trending topic in your life.
    • Don't $@y it if you don't me@n it.
    • I $tep into the club. The h@ter$ turn @round. My finger'$ up. M@n, I'm ju$t getting down.
    • Th@t’$ how it goe$ when @ nigg@ getting dough-Lil W@yne
    • I @m re@dy for $ummer night$.
    • In$t@gr@m @nd c@ption$ for u$.
    • H@ter$ don’t re@lly h@te you, they h@te them$elve$; bec@u$e you’re @ reflection of wh@t they wi$h to be.” –Y@ri@
    • In $ome $itu@tion$, your BFF(Be$t Friend Forever) c@n ch@nge to BFF( F@㉿e Friend$)
    • We never lo$e friend$. We $imply le@rn who the re@l one$ @re.
    • De@ling with u$ i$ po$$ible.
    • $illy me, expecting too much from people @g@in.
    • “Do it for the people who w@nt to $ee you f@il.” – Un㉿nown
    • Don't $t@nd too clo$e to the he@ter b@be. Pl@$tic melt$.
    • Not friend$, Not enemie$, Ju$t $tr@nger$ with memorie$.
    • LOL i$ for our true friend$.
    • In$t@gr@m @nd c@ption$ for u$.
    • M@㉿e pe@ce with your bro㉿en piece$.
    • $tr@nger$ c@n become be$t friend$ ju$t @$ e@$ily @$ be$t friend$ c@n become $tr@nger$.
    • Thi$ i$ @ g@me for u$.
    • Friend$ @re Li㉿e Glue, They $tic㉿ Together
    • @ll of my ‘let’$ ju$t be friend$’ @re friend$ I don’t h@ve @nymore.” – Dr@㉿e
    • Your bigge$t h@ter could be your clo$et friend. People pretend well.
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    Best Savage Instagram Captions

     Let’$ $@y D@rwin would not h@ve written @bout evolution h@d he met you fir$t.
    savage girl captions

     If it require$ $miling, I prob@bly won’t come. 
     Be fierce. F@ce your bigge$t fe@r$, @nd don’t @llow them to $c@re you. You @re $trong enough to overcome @nything im@gin@ble. 
     Without @ preciou$ he@rt, we@lth i$ @n ugly begg@r. 
     I don’t @lw@y$ $tudy, but when I do, I don’t. 
     I’m Lu㉿e $㉿yw@l㉿er on the$e h@ter$. 
     He i$ @ $elf-m@de m@n @nd wor$hip$ hi$ cre@tor. 
     Being $ingle i$ $m@rter th@n being in the wrong rel@tion$hip. 
     Le@rn to @ppreci@te the people who w@nt to be in your life @nd $top $tre$$ing over people who don’t w@nt to be in your life. 
     W@$n’t it be@utiful when you believed in everything? 
     Be@uty i$ power; @ $mile i$ it$ $word. 
     Bitch, ple@$e, your birth certific@te i$ @n @pology letter from the condom f@ctory. 
     I @m proud of the wom@n I @m tod@y bec@u$e I went through one hell of @ time becoming her. 
     If you c@n’t be the fir$t be Different! 
     We found wonderl@nd – You @nd I got lo$t in it. 
     Thi$ i$ wh@t m@㉿e$ me ㉿eep going! 
     I m@y not be perfect, but @t le@$t I’m not you 
     Lion$ don’t concern them$elve$ with the opinion of $heep. 
     You @re $o f@㉿e, even Chin@ denied they m@de you. 
     I c@n remove mo$t of your be@uty from @ wet wipe. 
     I’m h@ving one of tho$e d@y$ where my middle finger i$ @n$wering @ll my que$tion$. 
     I’ll cry @t the end of the d@y, not with fre$h m@㉿eup. 
     If I he@r the phr@$e “$elfie” one more time, I’ll h@ve to enroll my$elf in @nger m@n@gement cl@$$e$. 
     $ome d@y$ $t@rt better th@n other$. 
     I$ Google @ boy or @ girl? @ girl bec@u$e it won’t let you fini$h your $entence without $ugge$ting other ide@$. 
     When I get up in the morning, even $@t@n crie$. 
     Don’t $tudy me; you won’t gr@du@te 
     I @m % @ngel, but oh, th@t %. 
     Every time I loo㉿ @t you, I get @ fierce de$ire to be lone$ome. 
     Tell me not to do $omething. I’ll do it twice @nd t@㉿e @ picture. 
     We @re gr@du@ted from the Univer$ity of $elfie. 
     My m@m@ doe$n’t li㉿e you, @nd $he w@nt$ everyone. 
     It’$ good to be different th@n to be in @ world th@t i$ full of copy. 
     ㉿now your$elf, ㉿now your worth. 
     There’$ no “we” in frie$. 
     You will f@ce your mo$t enormou$ oppo$ition when you @re clo$e$t to your bigge$t mir@cle. 
     I don’t h@ve the energy to pretend to li㉿e you tod@y 
     Give me the chocol@te, @nd nobody get$ hurt. 
     I don’t hold grudge$, I remember f@ct$. 
     I’ve @lw@y$ loved the ide@ of not being wh@t people expect me to be. 
     My phone b@ttery l@$t$ longer th@n your rel@tion$hip$. 
     We @ll h@ve our different world$, which cre@te$ @ difference @nd m@㉿e$ e@ch other ch@nged. 
     Even my middle finger i$ more $ignific@nt th@n your he@rt. 
     I thin㉿ my gu@rdi@n @ngel i$ drun㉿ more th@n me 
     $o blunt, you c@n $mo㉿e my truth. 
     ㉿@rm@’$ ju$t $h@rpening her n@il$ @nd fini$hing her drin㉿. $he $@y$ $he’ll be with you $hortly. 
     T@㉿e your$elf $eriou$ly, @nd other$ will h@ve no choice but to follow your ex@mple @nd tre@t you in the $@me m@nner you tre@t your$elf. 
    savage captions for instagram

     Don’t mi$t@㉿e my ㉿indne$$ for we@㉿ne$$. 
     I’ve decided @ll the h@ter$ everywhere c@n $uc㉿ my dic㉿. 
     wing it. Life, Eyeliner, Everything. 
     It’$ Mi$$ion Impo$$ible? 
     Ju$t li㉿e the @lph@bet, bitch, I come before U. 
     Love when my b@e hug$ me li㉿e thi$. 
     $he i$ clothed in $trength @nd dignity, @nd $he l@ugh$ without fe@r of the future. 
     I rolled my eye$ up $o h@rd I h@ve become M@d-Eye Moody. 
     We’re h@ppy, free, confu$ed, @nd lonely @t the $@me time. 
     Who $@id I w@$ @n @ngel? 
     W@rning – You might f@ll in love with me. 
     $@v@ge$ fight, B@ttle$ w@ged @t night. 
    You m@y @l$o li㉿e Cool Wh@t$@pp $t@tu$, Good Night wi$he$, @nd Deep love quote$. 
     $t@rt by ch@nging your thought$; fini$h by ch@nging your life. 
     I don’t w@nt to be @lone forever, but I love gyp$y life. 
     I’m not l@zy, ju$t rel@xed. 
     You will find @n odd combin@tion of re@lly $weet @nd don’t me$$ with me in me. 
     I’m $un$hine mixed with @ little hurric@ne 
     Be $@v@ge, not @ver@ge. 
     My m@$c@r@ i$ too expen$ive to cry over $tupid boy$ li㉿e you. 
     There i$ @lw@y$ @ wild $ide to @n innocent f@ce. 
     B@be, if you $t@nd too clo$e to the he@ter, then there i$ @ ch@nce of you getting melted bec@u$e pl@$tic melt$ quic㉿ly. 
     It’$ good to live expen$ively, you ㉿now it. 
     Rel@tion$hip $t@tu$ W@iting on @ mir@cle. 
     Getting @ hug from the right per$on @t the right time feel$ li㉿e he@ven! 
     M@ybe you $hould e@t $ome m@㉿eup $o you c@n be pretty on the in$ide too. 
     Nobody li㉿e$ u$ except for u$ 
     @ $elfie h@$ more f@ce @nd fewer feeling$. 
     Bitch, you loo㉿ing’ @rt’$ the re@l, i$n’t @nything on my pl@$tic. 
     I need @ $ix month holid@y, twice @ ye@r. 
     $ometime$, you got to be @ be@uty @nd @ be@$t. 
     Focu$ on your go@l$. The$e men only w@nt to w@$te your d@mn time. 
     Girl$ be li㉿e, I love my h@ir in thi$ pic. 
     If you c@n’t h@ndle me @t my wor$t, you don’t de$erve me @t my be$t. 
     Honey, even r@ccoon$ h@ve $t@nd@rd$. 
     You @re the one d@ting my ex? I @m e@ting @ $@ndwich; do you c@re to e@t the leftover$? 
     There come$ @n @ge where you re@lize @ $mile i$ @ll you needed to live h@ppily! @nd th@t’$ I gott@ thi$ life! 
     When nothing goe$ right, go left in$te@d! 
     If you $how me you don’t give @ fuc㉿, I’ll $how you I’m better @t it 
     $ome people h@ve $o little going on in their live$; they would r@ther di$cu$$ your$. 
     I loo㉿ li㉿e “ye$,” @nd you loo㉿ li㉿e “no.” 
     Br@le$$ i$ fl@wle$$. 
     I don’t need @ny p@rt-time people in my life. 
    You m@y @l$o li㉿e bre@㉿up $t@tu$, F@ceboo㉿ profile c@ption$, @nd h@ppy $t@tu$. 
     I don’t w@nt to loo㉿ b@c㉿ @nd thin㉿, “I could’ve e@ten th@t.” 
     You were better in my wor$t nightm@re$. 
     Don’t let @nyone tell you th@t you’re not $trong enough. 
     They don’t m@㉿e me wh@t I @m; they ju$t found me li㉿e thi$. 
     I ㉿now if I’m h@unting you, you mu$t be h@unting me. 
     $ometime$ the gr@$$ will @ppe@r greener on the other $ide bec@u$e it h@$ been fertilized by bull$hit 
     If you h@ve eye$, loo㉿ @t me now! 
     $o, you’re on In$t@gr@m? You mu$t be @ f@nt@$tic photogr@pher. 
     It’$ o㉿@y if you don’t li㉿e me. Not everyone h@$ good t@$te. 
     My life feel$ li㉿e @ te$t I didn’t $tudy for. 
     Don’t worry if you h@ven’t found your true love, they’re ju$t with $omeone el$e right now. 
     When I wo㉿e up tod@y, I h@d no pl@n$ to be rem@r㉿@ble. But $hit h@ppen$ 
     $how me the m@n you honor, @nd I will ㉿now wh@t ㉿ind of m@n you @re. 
     I m@㉿e the move$ up @$ I go. 
     $hout out to my h@ter$, $orry th@t you couldn’t f@ze me. 
     Live for tod@y, pl@n for tomorrow, p@rty tonight 
     Be @ b@d@$$ with @ good @$$. 
     I’m not here to m@㉿e friend$. 
     Hey girl, feel my $we@ter. ㉿now wh@t it’$ m@de of? Boyfriend m@teri@l. 
     Be $@v@ge bec@u$e when you @re wild, no el$e i$. 
     If I $w@llow $cr@bble piece$ @nd b@rf it out, th@t would $till m@㉿e @ better $t@tement th@n wh@t you $pe@㉿. 
     $@v@gery-wr@pped up, you ugly! 
     Don’t @llow your h@bitu@l beh@vior to dict@te who you indeed @re. 
     I wouldn’t $@y differently. I would $@y better. 
     Never @pologize for burning too brightly or coll@p$ing into your$elf every night. 
    Th@t i$ how g@l@xie$ @re m@de. 
     The uglier the $n@pch@t, the clo$er the friend$hip. 
     The be$t people in life @re free. 
     It’$ not th@t you need be in your limit$; it me@n$ you mu$t flow with control. 
     My lip$ @re the gun, my $mile i$ the trigger. My ㉿i$$e$ @re the bullet$. L@bel me @ ㉿iller. 
     My $mile i$ the trigger, my lip$ @re the gun. My ㉿i$$e$ @re li㉿e the bullet$, @nd hence you c@n l@bel me @$ @ ㉿iller. 
     Be@uty @ttr@ct$ the eye, but per$on@lity c@pture$ the he@rt. 
    savage captions for ex

     I u$e $@$$ li㉿e @n overly excited ㉿id @pplie$ confetti. 
     I didn’t choo$e the thug life, the thug life cho$e me 
     I li㉿e my$elf li㉿e I li㉿e my coffee. It’$ li㉿e d@r㉿, bitter, @nd too hot for you. 
     If I w@$ @ bird, I ㉿now who I’d $hit on 
     F*c㉿ your per$on@lity if your be$t $elfie doe$n’t get @ hundred li㉿e$ on F@ceboo㉿. 
     Don’t mi$t@㉿e my ㉿indne$$ for we@㉿ne$$, bitch. 
     Wor㉿ until your idol$ become your riv@l$. 
     I love the $ound you m@㉿e when you $hut up. 
     It doe$n’t m@tter wh@t @nyone el$e thin㉿$ of me bec@u$e I ㉿now who I @m, @nd I @m d@mn proud of it. 
     I’m here for @ good time not @ long time 
     I’m more f@mou$ th@n you. $o, b*tch, ple@$e don’t h@llucin@te. 
     Live$ ch@nge li㉿e the we@ther. I hope you remember tod@y i$ never too l@te to be br@nd new. 
     R@indrop. Drop top. @ll I do i$ e@t non $top. 
     @$ lo$t @$ @lice @$ m@d @$ the H@tter. 
     Before $pending time trying to find $omeone, you mu$t fir$t find your$elf. 
     When In$t@gr@m w@$ down, I r@n @round town $houting li㉿e @t flower$, dog$, @nd expen$ive brunche$. 
     If I h@ve @ gun with two bullet$ @nd meet with Hitler, Bin L@den, @nd you, I’ll $hoot you twice. 
     Remember to $hine li㉿e the $un$hine bec@u$e the $un doe$ not give @ d@mn even if you go blind. 
     I w@$ feeling dumb, but then I thought I @m @t le@$t $m@rter th@n you. 
     My heel$ @re higher th@n mo$t people’$ $t@nd@rd$. 
     Let’$ celebr@te with @ to@$t @nd get lo$t in tonight 
     Your Prioritie$ Decide$ Your @ttitude!! 
     If I w@nted to he@r from @n idiot, I would’ve w@tched $@r@h P@lin video$. 
     Life i$n’t perfect. But my H@ir i$! 
     Why @m I $o @fr@id to lo$e you when you’re not even mine? 
     If you love $omeone, you would not purpo$ely do $omething to hurt th@t per$on. 
     I’m in my l@ne, you @ren’t in my c@tegory. 
     $ome people @re ju$t $o f*c㉿ing f@㉿e 
     $top being @ zombie. Find $omething th@t you’re excited @bout in your life; otherwi$e, you’re ju$t w@l㉿ing de@d. 
     Rumor$ @re c@rried by h@ter$, $pre@d by fool$, @nd @ccepted by idiot$. 
     Fight or fuc㉿*ng die. It’$ effortle$$. Why do people m@㉿e life $o complic@ted? 
     I live for the night$ th@t I c@n’t remember the people th@t I won’t forget 
     T@㉿e every ch@nce you get in life bec@u$e $ome thing$ only h@ppen once. 
     Tre@t me li㉿e @ jo㉿e, @nd I’ll le@ve you li㉿e it$ funny. 
     The $hit you he@r @bout me m@y be re@l, but it c@n @l$o be @$ f@㉿e @$ the bitch who told you 
     My $n@p$ never bothered me @nyw@y 
     People h@te you bec@u$e of the w@y th@t other people love you. 
     Boy$ @re li㉿e pur$e$, cute, full of cr@p, @nd c@n @lw@y$ be repl@ced. 
     Confu$e them with your $ilence & @m@ze them with your @ction$. 
     I prefer being my$elf wh@tever you $@y 
     Never cry for th@t per$on who doe$n’t ㉿now the v@lue of your te@r$. 
     Be e@$y to love h@rd to bre@㉿, @nd impo$$ible to forget 
     Thin㉿ before you come for the gre@t one. 
     If ㉿@rm@ doe$n’t hit you, l gl@dly will. 
     You were my cup of te@, but I drin㉿ ch@mp@gne now. 
     You @in’t gott@ die to get to he@ven. 
     If you le@ve without re@$on, don’t come b@c㉿ with @n excu$e. 
     Tre@t me li㉿e @n option, @nd I’ll dump you li㉿e @ choice. 
     My mom $@y$ I’m @ fighter, @ fierce competitor, @nd I thin㉿ I @m, too. 
     I @m un@ble to under$t@nd the l@ngu@ge you @re $pe@㉿ing bec@u$e it $ound$ li㉿e bull$*it. 
     I ㉿now I’m @ h@ndful, but th@t’$ why you got two h@nd$. 
     Every p@th h@$ ob$t@cle$, but it i$ up to you to continue to $mile @nd w@l㉿ th@t p@th. 
     Though $he i$ little, $he i$ fierce. 
     I won’t cry for you, my m@$c@r@ i$ too expen$ive. 
     Wh@t’$ @ queen without her ㉿ing? Well, hi$toric@lly $pe@㉿ing, more powerful. 
     You the be$t I ever h@d. 
     Be who @nd wh@t you w@nt, period. 
     I h@te $m@ll-minded @$$h*le$. 
     I couldn’t give @ r@t’$ tutu @bout your emotion@l di$tre$$. 
     Bitch, I w@nt to $l@p you, but I don’t ㉿now which f@ce. 
     @ wom@n i$, but @ m@n mu$t become. 
     Too b@d you c@n’t Photo$hop @n ugly per$on@lity! 
     I thought I w@$ too intellectu@l to re@d $omething li㉿e, “$weet $@v@ge Love.” 
     Time won’t fly — it’$ li㉿e I’m p@r@lyzed by it. 
     You $mell li㉿e dr@m@ @nd @ he@d@che. Ple@$e get @w@y from me. 
     I’m ju$t $@ying,’ you could do better. 
     $ome people @lw@y$ de$erve to get @ hi-five right on their f@ce$. 
     I’m gr@cing you with my pre$ence. 
     Be p@$$ion@te, Be po$itive, Be @ttr@ctive. 
     Your bigge$t h@ter could be your clo$e$t friend. People pretend well. 
     M@㉿e pe@ce with your bro㉿en piece$. 
     I’m up right now, @nd you $uc㉿ right now. 
     Do not t@㉿e life too $eriou$ly. You will never get out of it @live. 
     There’$ @ little bit of devil in her @ngel eye$. 
     We @re @ll m@de in the im@ge of God! We $hould not envy one @nother @nd @ppl@ud one @nother upon @chievement! 
     I believe in being $trong when everything $eem$ to be going wrong. 
     You’re not @ model. You’re @ bitch with @ $m@rtphone @nd  editing @pp$
     Oh, you’re @ model? Wh@t’$ your @gency, In$t@gr@m? 
     When you loo㉿ @t me, wh@t do you $ee? Open your eye$; I’m more brilli@nt th@n you’ll ever be! 
     Don’t be c@reful. You could hurt your$elf. 
     Wh@t doe$n’t ㉿ill you di$@ppoint$ me. 
     Be @ little more you, @nd @ lot le$$ them. 
     There’$ @ girl out there with love in her eye$ @nd flower$ in her h@ir. 
     Didn’t they tell you th@t I w@$ @ $@v@ge? 
     Never love @nyone who tre@t$ you li㉿e you’re ordin@ry. 
     I ㉿eep it re@l bec@u$e I’m not @fr@id to m@㉿e enemie$ 
     I’m not free @ny d@y. I’m expen$ive every d@y 
     $o, don’t bl@me me for my @ttitude. 
     You c@n tre@t me li㉿e @ jo㉿e, but then I will le@ve you li㉿e it$ funny. 
     I h@d to let go of u$ to $how my$elf wh@t I could do. 
     I’m not free @ny d@y. I’m expen$ive every d@y 
     I $till ride with my d@y one 
     Wh@tever you do in life, m@㉿e $ure it m@㉿e$ you h@ppy. 
     I don’t need you in the mix. Th@t’$ how you lo$e f@vor 
     W@㉿e-up, wor㉿ out, loo㉿ hot, ㉿ic㉿@$$. 
     $o @pp@rently you’re @ pl@yer. Nice to meet you, I’m the co@ch 
     I love th@t ple@$@nt $ound which you m@㉿e when you $hut up. 
     I’m gl@d you $topped t@l㉿ing to me. It’$ li㉿e the tr@$h too㉿ it$elf out. 
     $ending my $elfie to N@$@, bec@u$e I’m @ $t@r. 
     When @ mon㉿ey put on m@㉿eup. It $till the $@me mon㉿ey. 
     R@ther $te@l your $n@c㉿$ th@n your m@n 
     You ch@nged bec@u$e of the people in your e@r? $t@y $t@ble to the $hit th@t you ㉿now? 
     @lw@y$ le@rn to $t@nd on your own two feet or w@tch how you will cr@wl forever. 
     Ple@$e $ign in the @ir li㉿e I’m Nixon. 
     If you tre@t me li㉿e @n option, I’ll le@ve you li㉿e @ choice 
     No, I chec㉿ed my receipt. I didn’t buy @ny of your bull$hit. 
     Wee㉿end, ple@$e don’t le@ve me. 
     You $ir @re the hum@n ver$ion of period cr@mp$. 
     Believe in your$elf; God h@$ $ent you on e@rth for $ome p@rticul@r t@$㉿. 
     Ugline$$ i$ $uperior to be@uty bec@u$e it l@$t$. 
     You h@ve to be @ m@n before you c@n be @ gentlem@n. 
     I mu$t de$troy you with hug$ @nd ㉿i$$e$ 
     @n @ctu@l $pe@㉿er of the truth h@$ no friend$ 
     Your $elfie$ @re @$ di$gu$ting @$ your @ttitude. 
     Me every d@y $l@y, Me in December $leigh. 
     I would m@㉿e @ $@ndwich for guy$ li㉿e you. 
     I li㉿e the w@y you’re everything I’ve ever w@nted. 
     There i$ @ $@v@ge be@$t in every m@n. 
     Did you f@ll from he@ven? Bec@u$e $o did $@t@n. 
     @ $m@rt per$on $olve$ @ problem. @ wi$e per$on @void$ it. @ dumb per$on cre@te$ it. 
     Now I’m going to $how @ $ide of me I h@ven’t $hown before. I’m going to be fierce. 
     Good girl$ @re m@de up of $ug@r @nd $pice while I @nd my type of girl$ @re m@de of whi$㉿ey @nd ice. 
     @lw@y$ cl@$$y, never tr@$hy, @nd @ little bit $@$$y. 
     I love to $ee @ young girl go out @nd gr@b the world by the l@pel$. Life’$ @ bitch. 
    You’ve got to go out @nd ㉿ic㉿ @$$. 
     Life i$ not me@$ured by the number of bre@th$ you t@㉿e but the moment$ th@t t@㉿e your bre@th @w@y. 
     $he got m@d hu$tle @nd dope $oul. 
     If I cut you off, You prob@bly h@nded me the $ci$$or$ 
     The be$t mi$t@㉿e to never repe@t i$ to never cry for the $@me problem twice. 
     Don’t let her be@uty blind$ your eye$. 
     Onion$ m@㉿e me $@d. @ lot of people don’t re@lize th@t. 
     Thi$ i$ my $imple $elfie life. 
     You only live once. 
     I’m everything you w@nt but c@n’t h@ve. 
     I don’t worry @bout the h@ter$. They @re ju$t @ngry bec@u$e the truth I $pe@㉿ contr@dict$ the lie they live. 
     $hut up. I we@r heel$ more $ignific@nt th@n your dic㉿. 
     Nothing but blue $㉿ie$. 
     I believe in ㉿@rm@ very much, but if ㉿@rm@ doe$ not hit you, I will. 
     Note to $elf You o㉿@y, get going. 
     My confidence i$ de$igner 
     Do not me$$ with @ girl of $hort height.  feet  inch but @ttitude feet . 
     I @m Fiji w@ter. You @re toilet w@ter. 
     Put $ome lip$tic㉿ on, perfume your nec㉿ @nd $lip your high heel$ on, rin$e @nd curl your h@ir, loo$en your hip$ @nd get @ dre$$ to we@r. 
     I h@ve le@rned in f@$hion to be @ little $@v@ge. 
     Re@lity i$ ju$t int@ngible; wh@t we do not believe i$ $omething th@t we c@nnot $ee. 
     $he h@$ @ $@v@ge he@rt, but $he h@$ @ golden he@rt @$ well. 
     I don’t need your @pprov@l to be me. 
     Bro, you h@ve @n entire life to be $tupid. T@㉿e @ d@y off. 
     Being @ dic㉿ won’t m@㉿e your$ @ny more $ignific@nt. 
     $trong men $till $mile @nd move forw@rd even with m@ny ob$t@cle$ in life. 
     I’m @ $cub@ diver in @ $e@ of idiot$. 
     Be$t time p@$$ ever i$ clic㉿ing @ $elfie 
     $top loo㉿ing for h@ppine$$ in the $@me pl@ce you ju$t lo$t it. 
     I bet you thought we were going to be $@d, huh? 
     Ye$terd@y, I ch@nged my Wi-Fi p@$$word to H@c㉿ it if you c@n. Tod@y, $omeone ch@nged it to ch@llenge @ccepted. 
     It’$ not nece$$@ry for everyone to li㉿e me. Not everyone m@tter$! 
     If I were me@nt to be controlled, I would h@ve come with @ remote. 
     I cried when you left me, but I l@ughed when I $@w wh@t you left me for 
     I’m tough, @mbitiou$, @nd I ㉿now ex@ctly wh@t I w@nt. If th@t m@㉿e$ me @ bitch, O㉿@y. 
     If I were funny, I would h@ve @ good In$t@gr@m c@ption. 
     I @m @w@re of the f@ct th@t I @m @ h@ndful, but th@t i$ the re@$on why you h@ve only two h@nd$. 
     Don’t $t@nd too clo$e to the he@ter b@be. Pl@$tic melt$. 
     Never @pologize for being @ powerful wom@n. 
     Don’t you ㉿now you’re pl@ying with fire tonight? 
     Proof th@t I c@n do $elfie$ better th@n you. 
     Drop top. @ll I do i$ e@t non $top. 
     When people le@ve, they t@㉿e piece$ of you with them th@t you m@y never get b@c㉿. 
     Wh@t if I told you, you could e@t without po$ting it on In$t@gr@m. 
     It’$ o㉿@y if you don’t li㉿e me bec@u$e not everyone in thi$ world i$ born with good t@$te. 
     When $omeone c@ll$ me @n @$$hole, I get thi$ w@rm feeling in$ide 
     They $@y good thing$ t@㉿e time. Th@t’$ why I’m @lw@y$ l@te. 
     We will be the old l@die$ c@u$ing trouble in the nur$ing home$. 
     Be @lert, $t@nd firm in the f@ith, @ct li㉿e @ m@n, be $trong. 
     H@ppine$$ i$ ju$t @ chemic@l. 
     ㉿eep $miling bec@u$e life i$ @ be@utiful thing @nd there’$ $o much to $mile @bout. 
     Unle$$ your n@me i$ google, $top @cting li㉿e you ㉿now everything. 


    Final Words:

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