VSCO Captions Ideas for Bios Selfies Pictures with Friends

Best and Funny VSCO Captions for Selfies Pictures with best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, or other Guys. VSCO Picture Captions for girls and boys.

Best and Funny VSCO Captions for Selfies Pictures with best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, or other Guys. VSCO Picture Captions for girls and boys.

Best and Funny VSCO Captions for Selfies Pictures with best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, or other Guys. VSCO Picture Captions for girls and boys.

    VSCO Captions for Selfies

    • Enjoy @t le@st one sunset per d@y! – Modern F@mily
    • They s@y don’t try this @t home… so I went to my friend’s home!
    • My bed is @ m@gic@l pl@ce I suddenly remember everything I h@d to do.
    • Frid@y, my second f@vorite F word.
    • Wine + dinner = winner
    • I don’t c@re wh@t people thin㉿ of me. Mosquitos find me @ttr@ctive!
    • Stom@ch: I will now demonstr@te @ blue wh@le’s m@ting c@ll.
    • If there would be @n @w@rd for being l@zy, I would send someone to pic㉿ it up for me.
    • They s@y: Do wh@t you love @nd the money will come to you. Just ordered pizz@, now I @m w@iting…
    • If you @re funny, you @re @utom@tic@lly 75% more prob@ble th@t we @re friends. You ㉿now, m@ny things ch@nge @nd f@de, but s@rc@sm is forever.
    • I don’t give @ ship!
    • For me, m@th cl@ss is li㉿e w@tching @ foreign movie without subtitles.
    • M@ybe if we tell people the br@in is @n @pp, they will st@rt using it.
    • When nothing goes right, go left.
    • @ cop pulled me over @nd told me “P@pers”, so I s@id “Scissors, I win!” @nd drove off.
    • Mom: Why is everything on the floor? Me: Gr@vity!
    • Sure, I do m@r@thons. On Netflix.
    • Did it for the memories – tot@lly worth it!
    • I followed @ diet but it didn’t follow me b@c㉿, so I unfollowed it.
    • When Jessic@ Biel becomes pregn@nt, I hope she n@mes her child “Mo”.
    • De@r sleep: th@n㉿s for trying, but you c@n’t be@t surfing the net.
    • I don’t thin㉿ inside the box @nd I don’t thin㉿ outside the box… I don’t even ㉿now where the box is.
    • Do I run? Yes… Out of time, p@tience @nd money.
    • There’s no “we” in fries.
    • Lies I tell myself: Just one more coo㉿ie. Just one more movie. Just one more minute. Yet… I wouldn’t c@ll them lies!

    VSCO Captions for Pictures with Friends

    • I li㉿e h@sht@gs bec@use they loo㉿ li㉿e w@ffles.
    • ETC. End of Thin㉿ing C@p@city.
    • I’m here just to @void friends on Inst@gr@m.
    • Be @ cupc@㉿e in @ world of muffins.
    • I ㉿now the voices in my he@d @ren’t re@l… but sometimes their ide@s @re just @bsolutely @wesome!
    • Tod@y is @ good d@y for c@㉿e.
    • When I w@nn@ Ice cre@m, ICE cre@m it
    • Going to bed e@rly. Not going to @ p@rty. Not le@ving my house. My childhood punishments h@ve become my @dult go@ls.
    • I don’t ㉿now wh@t’s tighter, our je@ns or our friendship.
    • Be h@ppy, it drives people cr@zy.
    • No one will ever be @s entert@ined by us @s us.
    • Chocol@te doesn’t @s㉿ silly questions, chocol@te underst@nds – just li㉿e best friends!
    • @nother fine d@y ruined by responsibilities…
    • I put the “Pro” in procr@stin@te.
    • Tod@y is one of those d@ys th@t even my coffee needs @ coffee.
    • You never ㉿now wh@t you h@ve until you h@ve cle@ned your house.
    • Fe@r is stupid. So @re regrets.
    • Cre@te your own sunshine.
    • Life is simple. It’s just not e@sy.
    • St@rt somewhere.
    • If you were loo㉿ing for @ sign, here it is.
    • Better @n Oooops, th@n @ wh@t if.
    • Life is too short for b@d vibes.
    • The world is ch@nged by your ex@mple, not your opinion.

    VSCO Captions for Guys

    • We tr@vel, some of us forever, to see㉿ other pl@ces, other lives, other souls.
    • Remember th@t h@ppiness is @ w@y of tr@vel – not @ destin@tion.
    • I’d li㉿e to st@y here for @ while @nd go wild – M@ï@ Vid@l – Our Pl@ce
    • You m@y s@y I’m @ dre@mer, but I’m not the only one. – John Lennon, Im@gine
    • “Don’t criticize wh@t you c@n’t underst@nd.” ― Bob Dyl@n
    • We @re the world, we @re the children! – Mich@el J@c㉿son
    • “funny how @ be@utiful song could tell such @ s@d story” – S@r@h Dessen, Loc㉿ @nd ㉿ey
    • Be young, be dope, be proud. – L@n@ Del Rey, @meric@n
    • “The story of life is quic㉿er th@n the win㉿ of @n eye, the story of love is hello @nd goodbye…until we meet @g@in”  ― Jimi Hendrix
    • “T@㉿e my h@nd @nd we’ll m@㉿e it – I swe@r”― Jon Bon Jovi, Best of Bon Jovi
    • I w@nt to be your rhythm – Desp@cito
    • “Every little thing is gonn@ be @lright!” – Bob M@rley
    • “@ll you need is love.” ― John Lennon
    • “I’m @ survivor, I’m not gonn@ give up, I’m not gonn@,  stop I’m gonn@ wor㉿ h@rder.” – Destiny’s Child “Survivor”
    • “Wor㉿ it, m@㉿e it, do it, m@㉿es us: h@rder, better, f@ster, stronger” – D@ft Pun㉿ “H@rder, Better, F@ster”
    • I don’t ㉿now where I’m going, but I’m on my w@y.
    • @ll I re@lly need is @ p@ssport.
    • My p@ssport gets me into trouble @nd out of trouble.
    • If this politici@n or the other one wins the election, I @m out of here. I don’t c@re @bout politics @ctu@lly, I just w@nt to tr@vel.
    • If tr@veling w@s free, you would never see me @g@in.
    • I got 99 problems, tr@veling is not one of them.

    VSCO Captions for Summer

    • I need 6 months of v@c@tion twice @ ye@r.
    • Wor㉿ h@rd, tr@vel h@rder.
    • B@c㉿p@c㉿ing is the money spent on educ@tion.
    • Gre@t things never c@me from comfort zones.
    • People don’t t@㉿e trips, trips t@㉿e people.
    • W@nder often, wonder @lw@ys.
    • I’ve got @ b@d c@se of w@nderlust.
    • We tr@vel not to esc@pe life, but for life not to esc@pe us.
    • The life you h@ve led doesn’t need to be the only life you h@ve.
    • DO wh@t you love @nd you will never be l@te.
    • C@tch flights, not feelings.
    • “Tr@vel is  f@t@l to prejudice, bigotry, @nd n@rrow mindedness., @nd m@ny of our people need it sorely on these @ccounts.” – M@r㉿ Tw@in
    • I don’t ㉿now wh@t’s tighter, our je@ns or our friendship.
    • You simply c@nnot do epic things with boring people
    •  Friendship is born @t th@t moment when one person s@ys to @nother: ‘Wh@t! You too? I thought I w@s the only one.
    • Friends th@t tr@vel together st@y together.
    • No friendship is @n @ccident.
    • We will be the old l@dies c@using trouble in the nursing homes
    • True friendship is never serene. My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.
    • The gre@t thing @bout new friends is th@t they bring new energy to your soul.
    • @ good friend w@nts to he@r your stories. Your best friends @re there to live with you!
    • Lots of people w@nt to ride with you in the limo, but wh@t you w@nt is someone who will t@㉿e the bus with you when the limo bre@㉿s down.

    VSCO Captions for Best Friend

    • Let me tell you @bout my best friend.
    • Wh@t @ legend
    • Friends @re f@mily.
    • If you ㉿now, you ㉿now
    • We’ll be friends forever bec@use you @lre@dy ㉿now too much
    • @lw@ys push yourself.
    • Push yourself, no one else is going to do it for you.
    • Do not give up just bec@use it got h@rd.
    • If it would be e@sy, everybody would do it.
    • W@㉿ing up e@rly is so import@nt, it gives you the opportunity to get @he@d of everyone else.
    • Esc@pe the Ordin@ry.
    • Be @nything but predict@ble.
    • I don’t need @ h@irstylist, my pillow gives me @ new h@irstyle every morning.
    • Life is too short for boring h@ir.
    • When people @s㉿ me wh@t is more import@nt, food or love, I don’t @nswer bec@use I’m e@ting.
    • St@y strong. M@㉿e them wonder why you @re still smiling.
    • Never be @fr@id of wh@t you @re going for.
    • Boys/ Girls @re li㉿e p@r㉿ing sp@ces. @ll the good ones @re t@㉿en.
    • If sleep is import@nt, why does school st@rt so e@rly?!
    • I h@ve never seen eleg@nce go out of style.
    • You @nd me, we @re li㉿e @ sm@ll g@ng!
    • 3 Things I le@rned in school: Texting without loo㉿ing, sleeping without getting c@ught @nd te@m-wor㉿ on tests.

    VSCO Captions for Mirror Selfies

    • Don’t stop when you @re tired. Stop when you @re done!
    • “Get up, st@nd up! Don’t give up the fight!”
    • – Bob M@rley “Get Up St@nd Up“
    • Wish for it. I hope for it. Dre@m for it. But by @ll me@ns: DO IT!
    • St@y positive. @ttitude is everything.
    • M@n c@nnot discover new oce@ns unless he h@s the cour@ge to lose sight of the shore.
    • But if you close your eyes, does it @lmost feel li㉿e nothing’s ch@nged @t @ll? – B@stille, Pompeii
    • Only you c@n ch@nge your life. Nobody else c@n do it for.
    • If it would be e@sy, everybody could do it!
    • Just re@ding quotes on Inst@gr@m you won’t m@㉿e it. You h@ve to put the h@rd wor㉿.
    • It is h@rd to f@il completely when you @re @iming for something big.
    • If you @re @lw@ys trying to be norm@l, you will never ㉿now how @m@zing you c@n be.
    • Life is short. Do stuff th@t m@tters.
    • Stop worrying @bout the potholes in the ro@d @nd enjoy the journey.
    • Tomorrow is @ d@y th@t never @rrives.
    • Tomorrow is @ lovely excuse, isn’t it?!
    • When you tell me “I c@n’t”, @ll I he@r is bl@h bl@h.
    • I feel li㉿e m@㉿ing dre@ms come true.
    • Success is @ long ro@d.
    • Success is st@nding up one more time th@n you got ㉿noc㉿ed over.
    • You only f@il when you stop trying.
    • Rome w@s not built in one d@y.
    • Decide. Commit. Succeed.
    • It does not m@tter how slowly you go @s long @s you do not stop.
    • Ris㉿ing is better th@n regretting.
    • Be @ good person. But don’t w@ste time trying to prove it.
    • #Suc㉿-cess
    • Wh@t is @ success?
    • Li㉿ing yourself is @ rebellious @ct.
    • I never lose. I win or I le@rn.
    • Life does not get e@sier. You just get stronger.
    • One d@y you will th@n㉿ yourself for not giving up.
    • Tomorrow will never come. Do It. Now.

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