Funny Venmo Captions for Payments to Use in 2021

    Funny Venmo Captions: Bless whoever invented Venmo. Not only is that the money-sending app convenient af when it involves things like splitting the group bill or avoiding an ATM fee, but the app is really pretty hilarious.

    so as to send or request money, you've got to feature a caption to accompany a transaction and for the curious ones out there, Venmo has two tabs where you'll spy on who's sending money to who and why (a good way to work out who your ex is dating now btw).

    What makes the general public tabs funny is that folks rarely include the important reasons why they're sending money and instead add some pretty outrageous Venmo captions to their transactions, yes pretty crazy ones like "Thanks for massaging my feet."

    If you're just deciding you have been doing Venmo all wrong, then you're in luck because this list of funny Venmo captions will assist you up to your money-sending game.


    Funny Venmo Captions

    • “those lovely lady lump-ias”
    • “servant shoes”
    • “raising me”
    • “u owe me ur soul”
    • “(pizza emoji) (peach emoji) pizza and undies”
    • “Giving you my (lunch) meat”
    • “Wait what's this even for. No.” followed by “TAKE MY MONEY HOE”
    • “Syphilis”
    • “Money to remain faraway from me”
    • “The best head ever.”
    • “That mm-mm. That God-damn.”
    • “Being a pleasant girl”
    • “Diabetes”
    • “chanana bips”
    • “That time of the month … Rent :’(“
    • “Sometimes I ask myself…Do thugs cry?”
    • “monkey business ”
    • “I hate myself”
    • “you’re a pu$$y”
    • “For my bu!!h*!e (literally)”
    • “hey thanks for letting me borrow your hemorrhoid cream don’t worry I’ll put this transaction on private”
    • “That time under the bleachers (ok emoji)”
    • “Partly malk but mostly not malk”
    • “$*x with my roommate”
    • “for swallowing for once”
    • “not dr!_!gs”
    • “basic b*tchd@m”
    • “for f*ck!ng your b*tch in some Gucci flip flops”
    • “Letting me fart on you *insert sh*t emoji*”
    • “sorry that your @$$ho!e prolapsed”
    • “food for THOT”
    • “0 degrees celcius also referred to as 273 kelvins”
    • “fake b*tch probs”
    • “Being my hoe”
    • “fees for puking in my car while you were on a tinder date”
    • “Idk what to try to to with this and you won’t let me put it toward strippers so here grab yourself some chipotle and Trader Joes wine or something… love ya”
    • “Sernie Banders”
    • “smegma”

    Venmo may be a lifesaver. It allows you to pay that $2.33 you owe your friend for a slice of pizza, the other person who also features a Venmo account. Is it slightly sketchy to attach your checking account to an app on your phone?

    Probably. Do most of the people roll in the hay anyway? Yes. But what makes this app so appealing is that the incontrovertible fact that you're FORCED to feature a caption on your transaction. Whether you're paying someone money or requesting it, you've got to place a reason for it. Lately, people are getting pretty creative with their captions, so we've compiled an inventory of the funniest Venmo captions we could find.

    Food Venmo Captions

    • "Chinese and chill"
    • "I'm really sorry I ate your food"
    • Using Every Color to form Foundation?!
    • "Because I'm hungry"
    • "Potluck problems"
    • "That time I left an outsized group dinner with out paying"
    • "For making you purchase something at [insert restaurant] because I had to pee"

    Outings Venmo Captions

    • "An unfortunate series of events"
    • "Thanks for last night"
    • "Glad we didn't die"
    • "Here's money so you'll be romantic and surprise me with a date later this week"
    • "What a time to be alive"

    Random Funny Venmo Captions

    • "Money to remain faraway from me
    • "Keep the change ya filthy animal"
    • "Don't remember"
    • "Because my dog ate your shoe"
    • "Shut up and take my money"
    • "Buying back my dignity"
    • "Friendship dues"
    • "For liking all my Instagram photos"
    • "I have an excessive amount of money"
    • "Relationship advice"
    • "Free from the ATM fee"

    Funny Venmo Captions (Best 100 Humorous Venmo Captions for Friends, Rent & Boyfriend): 

    Are you a frequent user of Venmo app? actually , you recognize that Venmo is lifesaver app, sometimes once you are out of money . Moreover, everyone around you uses Venmo for the payments and receipts.

    you'll attach your checking account with Venmo. So that, it's easy for you updated together with your bank details all time. aside from that, while doing transaction with Venmo app, you would like captions to feature .

    Best 100 Funny Venmo Captions for Friends, Rent, Boyfriend (Humorous Venmo Captions)

    Are you trying to find funny Venmo captions? Whether, you're paying money or receiving you've got a reason behind it. However, this app is so attractive that compel you to feature funniest Venmo captions in your transactions.

    Moreover, people are becoming creative with their Venmo quotes, so here the list of the simplest Venmo captions.

    Simple Funny Venmo Captions

    • Ask to you. Do thugs cry?
    • U owes your soul and me.
    • Insert TACO emoji here.
    • My hoe and that i .
    • Swallow all directly .
    • I am Partying with malk.
    • You owe me pizza party.
    • Hate me.
    • mischief 
    • Lift me fart on you- Inserting sh*t emoji.
    • Free from ATM fee.
    • Bank in my pocket.
    • After the party, here within the hotel lobby.
    • Get wine for the b*tch.
    • Everyone on venmo is wineeeee.
    • Status updating.
    • Upload the venmo caption.
    • Add wine emoji.
    • Week hookers!
    • My luxurious house.

    Best Funny Venmo Captions

    • Dry cleaning bill paid.
    • Taste the festive.
    • B*tch getting married.
    • Feels like home.
    • Mc Donald runs.
    • Love you later.
    • Thanks for purchasing.
    • Feed pickle, onion rings.
    • High drinks time.
    • PABLO Queen!
    • Concert tickets.
    • Wineee Venmo.
    • Boozy Sunday.
    • Candy and bellyache.
    • Last call!
    • Enjoy fermented liquid at the bar.
    • Fortune whopper.
    • Going to earn money.
    • Lock your gooch chair.
    • Runner from holla hoop contest.

    Humorous Venmo Captions for Boyfriend

    • Let me use your microwave.
    • Rewind the VHS tapes.
    • Support child.
    • Down payment.
    • Are you out of cash?
    • No dr!_!gs.
    • Basics of b*tchdom.
    • Try to be nice girl.
    • Best head ever here.
    • Thanks for raising me.
    • Pizza emoji.
    • No got to wait, take my money.
    • Giving my lunch to you.
    • Money stand back from me.
    • Paying for servant shoes.
    • Diabetes pills.
    • For the time under the bleachers.
    • Paying college fees of bestie.
    • Best time for party.
    • I am Hungry… Get me Tasty food.

    Clever Venmo Captions for Boyfriend

    • Put this transaction under private.
    • Sorry, your a$$ho!e prolapsed.
    • Love wine or something gets it.
    • Fees for lurking my car for tinder date.
    • Get Food for decent .
    • Spend blast with you.
    • Amazed lap dance.
    • Thanks for last night.
    • K!ss lessons.
    • Advice for relationships.
    • Down payment for abortion.
    • Pu$$y is here.
    • That’s for my bu!!h*!e.
    • Do not f*ck here.
    • Here is your queef daddy.
    • Ready for the tinder date.
    • Grab the simplest one yourself.
    • B*tch probs.
    • Gift for date.
    • For f*ck!ng the b*tch.

    Funny Venmo Captions for Rent

    • Advance rent.
    • October rent paid.
    • Pay 3 months pending rent.
    • Delay rent continues.
    • Always out of money .
    • Pending, Payment Preview.
    • August rent, didn't forget.
    • Pay rent on time.
    • House thanks.
    • Receive rent on time.
    • Wait this month budget issue.
    • Trouble the owner for rent.
    • Insert Smile emoji up here .
    • Fake the b*tch.
    • I had $ex with roommate.
    • That month… rent ;(
    • Load caption on venmo.
    • Pay for luxury.
    • Pay roommate rent monthly .
    • Yes, I did final settlement.

    Crazy Venmo Requests Coronavirus

    Bless PayPal for inventing Venmo. the foremost popular money sending app. it's actually so popular that the app's name has become a verb! It not only allows to send money but also gives the choice to separate group bills among friends.

    Overall the app is hilarious coz it also requires a caption when sending or requesting money which is publicly shown to your whole contact list.

    So, people get to spy on who's sending money to who and why. But the funny part is that folks rarely include the particular reason and instead add some outrageous venmo captions to their transactions. Like "Money to remain faraway from Me".

    If you think that you have been doing this wrong then you're in luck, My Friends! Coz here's an inventory of funny Venmo captions for friends, food & rent that you'd like to use.

    Petty Venmo Transactions

    1. Money to remain faraway from me.
    2. Keep the change ya filthy animal.
    3. Don't remember
    4. Because my dog ate your shoe.
    5. Shut up and take my money.
    6. Buying back my dignity.
    7. Friendship dues.
    8. For liking all my Instagram photos.
    9. I even have an excessive amount of money.
    10. Relationship advice.
    11. Free from the ATM fee.

    Funny Venmo Captions For Friends:

    1. Put this transaction under private.
    2. Sorry, your a$$ho!e prolapsed.
    3. Love wine or something gets it.
    4. Fees for lurking my car for tinder date.
    5. Get Food for decent .
    6. Spend blast with you.
    7. Amazed lap dance.
    8. Thanks for last night.
    9. K!ss lessons.
    10. Advice for relationships.
    11. deposit for abortion.
    12. Pu$y is here.
    13. That’s for my bu!!h*!e.
    14. don't f*ck here.
    15. Here is your queef daddy.
    16. Ready for the tinder date.
    17. Grab the simplest one yourself.
    18. B*tch probs.
    19. Gift for date.
    20. For f*ck!ng the b*tch.

    Funny Ways to Pay Someone

    Venmo, the mobile payment app owned my PayPal, has blown up! Who doesn't have it these days? It allows you to quickly send money from your phone and you'll even add a funny caption! We've come up with 33 funny Venmo captions for you to use to form your Venmo experience as fun as possible!

    Obviously, it's nice to be ready to send money via your telephone , but the social component of Venmo is that the better part . After a payment, the transaction shows abreast of your news feed without the particular amount of the payment.

    Between the worldwide feed, the buddies only feed, and therefore the personal feed that permits you to discuss Venmo captions, Venmo are often a fun experience! Make it even better by cracking your best jokes and puns when sending someone a touch of money . Here are the simplest funny Venmo captions to inspire your next transaction!

    Final Words on Venmo Captions

    You are still here?
    By now we hope you've got found one among your Venmo captions to place under your photo.There’s numerous quotes within the world. We attempt to keep this text up so far , adding always more and more quotations we discover.

    Visit again for more such content and support us by telling your friends about this website! Thanks |

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