Drip Caption for Instagram - Drippy Captions, Drippin Quotes

Are you searching for Drip Captions for Instagram then you are on the right post because here you find best Drippy Insta Captions and Drippin Quotes.

    Are you searching for Drip Captions for Instagram then you are on the right post because here you find the best Drippy Insta Captions and Drippin Quotes for your drip images and drip pictures.

    Drip Captions for Instagram then you are on the right post because here you find the best Drippy Insta Captions and Drippin Quotes for your drip images and drip pictures.

    Drip Instagram Captions 

    "The extraordinary is waiting quietly beneath the skin of all that is ordinary." ~ Mark Nepo 

    "Dripping water hollows out a stone" ~ Ovid 

    "Do not think lightly of good, that nothing will come of it. A whole waterpot will fill up from dripping drops of water." ~ Gautama Buddha 

    "Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence." ~ Ovid 

    "Constant dripping hollows out a stone." ~ Lucretius 

    "Happiness: We rarely feel it. I would buy it, beg it, steal it, Pay in coins of dripping blood For this one transcendent good." ~ Amy Lowell 

    "All was silent as before - All silent save the dripping rain." ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

    "But I suppose you must touch life in order to spring from it." ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald 

    "The word-coining genius, as if thought plunged into a sea of words and came up dripping." ~ Virginia Woolf 

    "I still eat a burger at a counter with ketchup dripping down my face." ~ Scarlett Johansson 

    "There's something dripping in my head. A heart, a heart in my head." ~ Samuel Beckett 

    "The dripping blood our only drink, The bloody flesh our only food: In spite of which we like to think That we are sound, substantial flesh and blood Again, in spite of that, we call this Friday good." ~ T. S. Eliot 

    "Light is in both the broken bottle and the diamond." ~ Mark Nepo 

    "The dripping... well, if it happens, it happens; it does not take anything from the work. The dripping just proves that you were not trying to control the work, but the work was developing by itself and if it drips, its a natural part in the evolution of the work." ~ Keith Haring 

    "The world intrudes in my brain daily. Since my brain is dripping with all kinds of stuff that's out there in the world, that I can't seem to be able to shut out, it has to end up being in my work as well." ~ Eric Bogosian 

    "Imagine the clouds dripping Dig a hole in your garden to put them in" ~ Yoko Ono 

    "It was dripping and, you know, and there was a whole line of cameras and microphones. I felt like - you remember the honor guards, only it was a dishonor guard." ~ Jim Bakker 

    "Instant gratification is not as good as that gratification which comes dripping slow, over the sere seasons." ~ Donald Barthelme 

    "Among our articles of lazy hardware, I recommend the faucet that stops dripping when no one is listening to it." ~ Marcel Duchamp 

    "Yet love enters my blood like an I.V., dripping in its little white moments." ~ Anne Sexton 

    "I wouldna cross the road to see a scrawny woman if she was stark naked and dripping wet. ~Jamie Fraser" ~ Diana Gabaldon 

    "Fondue is not a good date food. You end up with cheese dripping down your face." ~ James Corden 

    "Sometimes at night I would sleep open-eyed underneath a sky dripping with stars. I was alive then." ~ Albert Camus 

    "The other side of the "sacred" is the sight of your beloved in the underworld, dripping with maggots." ~ Gary Snyder 

    "As to blood—ah, blood, the whole subject fascinates me. I do like that as well, warm and dripping, when I am thirsty. And I am often thirsty." ~ Christopher Pike 

    "If you really love stuffing, wait until the turkey comes out of the oven, add some of the pan drippings to the stuffing, and bake it in a dish. That's called dressing, and that's not evil - stuffing is, though." ~ Alton Brown 

    "I come from Yorkshire in England where we like to eat chip sandwiches - white bread, butter, tomato ketchup and big fat french fries cooked in beef dripping." ~ Helen Fielding 

    "A painting is what you make of it, besides which, 'Moon, Weeping' has a better ring to it than 'Paintbrush, Dripping." ~ Robert Breault 

    Drippy Instagram Captions 

    "Through the dripping weeks that follow One another slow, and soak Summer's extinguished fire and autumn's drifting smoke." ~ Alfred Austin 

    "I am like a drop of water on a rock. After drip, drip, dripping in the same place, I begin to leave a mark, and I leave my mark in many people's hearts." ~ Rigoberta Menchu 

    "To an artist, a picture is both a sum of ideas and a blurry memory of 'pushing paint,' breathing fumes, dripping oils and wiping brushes, smearing and diluting and mixing." ~ James Elkins 

    "Singers are experts at keeping things from dripping on their throats. Believe me, they're experts." ~ Dolora Zajick 

    "A man is designed to walk three miles in the rain to phone for help when the car breaks down - and a woman is designed to say, 'you took your time' when he comes back dripping wet." ~ Victoria Wood 

    "What I want to know is how the white man, with the blood of black people dripping off his fingers, can have the audacity to be asking black people [why] they hate him?" ~ Malcolm X 

    "I think it's very important that films like Bad Hurt don't get lost in the mix of the sci-fi-kill-everything-on-the-screen-blood-dripping-down-the-walls sort of the world of the cinema that we live in." ~ Karen Allen 

    "Nervous hands as if the fingers were dripping from them like icicles." ~ Fannie Hurst 

    "Youth is slipping, dripping, pearl on pearl, away." ~ Louise Imogen Guiney 

    "If you listen to 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,' by Gil Scott-Heron, that album is dripping with rage." ~ Henry Rollins 

    ""I can talk to fish!" Angel said happily, water dripping off her long, skinny body. "Ask one over for dinner," Fang said, joining us." ~ James Patterson 

    "Do you know the feeling, when your heart is so hurt, that you could feel the blood dripping?" ~ Lady Gaga 

    "Will spread his arms wide. On his knees, grinning like a demon, blood dripping from his mouth, he barely looked human himself. “Come and get me." ~ Cassandra Clare 

    "I leaned back against him and rested my cheek on his shoulder. I could feel the river water dripping off of him. "Thank you" I whispered. When I looked up, I saw he was crying." ~ Elizabeth Chandler 

    "Children in the abstract, had never appealed to me. They seemed to be loud creatures, often dripping some form of goo." ~ Stephenie Meyer 

    "Novels aren’t just happy escapes; they are slivers of people’s souls, nailed to the pages, dripping ink from veins of wood pulp. Reading the right one at the right time can make all the difference." ~ Brandon Sanderson 

    Drippin Captions for Instagram 

    "I wanted to curl up into a fetal position and start sucking my thumb, let my tears and dripping saliva pool under me. Sorry. I tried living, tried being sentient. Can't do it. Can't live in the same universe with that." ~ David Wong 

    "in my dreams you walk dripping from a sea journey on the highway across America in tears to the door of my cottage in the Western night" ~ Allen Ginsberg 

    "It was the month of May and there was warm sunshine dripping through the holes between the clouds, like the sky was a broken blue bowl and a child was trying to keep honey in it." ~ Chris Cleave 

    "… it was raining on Himmel Street when the world ended for Liesel Meminger. The sky was dripping. Like a tap that a child has tried its hardest to turn off but hasn’t quite managed." ~ Markus Zusak 

    "Life always has an unhappy ending, but you can have a lot of fun along the way, and everything doesn't have to be dripping in deep significance." ~ Roger Ebert 

    "I know you love her. I’ve never seen you act this crazed in your life. I get that. But Nan hates her. If you love Blaire then protect her from the venom that is dripping from your sister’s fangs. Or I will." ~ Abbi Glines 

    "Your grandpa was a boxer in his youth. Sexiest thing I'd ever seen, let me tell you. He wore these short little shorts, and sweat was always dripping down his hairy chest." ~ Gena Showalter 

    Drip, Drippy, Drippin Quotes and Sayings 

    "There are no great fanfares for the truly great moments of your life. Just dripping taps and the sound of your own footsteps, walking from one room into another" ~ Kathleen Tessaro 

    "Then soon with the emblem of truth overflowing, And dripping with coolness, it rose from the well." ~ Samuel Woodworth 

    "The fallen hazel-nuts, Stripped late of their green sheaths, The grapes, red-purple, Their berries Dripping with wine, Pomegranates already broken, And shrunken fig, And quinces untouched, I bring thee as offering." ~ Hilda Doolittle 

    "In real life I'm bone dry and when I play I'm a mango and in sex I'm starving to be a dripping mango" ~ Tori Amos 

    "Spring rain leaking through the roof dripping from the wasps' nest." ~ Matsuo Basho 

    "Dripping rain like golden honey-And the sweet earth flying from the thunder" ~ Jean Toomer 

    "I continue to get further away from the usual painter's tools such as easel, palette, brushes, etc. I prefer sticks, trowels, knives and dripping fluid paint or a heavy impasto with sand, broken glass or other foreign matter added." ~ Jackson Pollock 

    "The anger came creeping back like the leak from a dripping water tank, the fall of each individual drop passing almost unnoticed until I realized I was soaked with the emotion." ~ Anthony Loyd 

    "There is this place in Nashville called Steak and Shake, which is pretty much the best food, ever. That is our secret, sexy place to go. When I look over at her when she's biting into a steak sandwich and there is some steak sauce dripping down her chin, there is nothing sexier." ~ Liam Hemsworth 

    "My life was hurrying, racing tragically toward its end. And yet at the same time it was dripping so slowly, so very slowly now, hour by hour, minute by minute. One always has to wait until the sugar melts, the memory dies, the wound scars over, the sun sets, the unhappiness lifts and fades away." ~ Simone de Beauvoir 

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