[2021] [COVID-19 Quotes] Coronavirus Captions for Instagram

Coronavirus Captions for Instagram Post and Coronavirus Quotes which you can use on your Instagram pictures and can play your role in stopping this COVID 19.

The coronavirus has caused havoc all over the world and many people have fallen prey to it. That is why we have shared some COVID captions with you which you can use on your Instagram and can play your role in stopping this virus.

Get the latest information about COVID-19 - WHO.INT, MOH.GOV.IN

coronavirus captions for instagram, covid quotes
coronavirus captions

Coronavirus Captions for Instagram

  • COVID-19 is nasty!
  • Coronavirus Sucks!
  • Go Corona...Go Corona...
  • Please Don't Panic from Coronavirus.
  • "HANDS Wash them often"- "ELBOW Cough into it" - "FACE Don't touch it" - "SPACE Keep safe distance" - "FEEL sick? Stay home."
  • Sorry, you had to eat hospital food.
  • Hope we 100% soon!
  • God’s speed in your recovery to full health!
  • Prayers coming our way for a speedy recovery.
  • I used to think that you were superhuman. But now I think that you too are human like us!
  • If you were not this beautiful, the virus would not have hit on you. I am luckier than you because I am not as charming as you.
  • Feel better in a hurry so we can get back to making fun of you with no guilt.
  • Sending good, healthy vibes your way for a speedy recovery.
  • Hope day by day goes quickly and you’re up on your feet soon.
  • There are no winners here. Only degrees of losing.

13 Quotes on Coronavirus (COVID 19)

  1. “You can never defeat an enemy you underestimate!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan
  2. “Humanity needs divine help to combat this covid crisis.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita
  3. "Lack of handwashing can also be a cause of fever." ― Ignaz Semmelweis
  4. “Keep calm in covid crises.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita
  5. Washing hands for 20-40 seconds can prevent bacteria and viruses from entering the body. ― Ignaz Semmelweis
  6. “It took a modern pandemic to infect the collective attention of the world to remind us of our shared vulnerability and to restore humanity and kindness.” ― Farshad Asl
  7. “The greatest compassion is the prevention of human suffering through patience, alertness, courage, and kindness.” ― Amit Ray
  8. “In every crisis, confusion, and doubt, take the higher path — the path of patience, alertness, courage, understandings, and love. Fears and uncertainties are temporary. In the higher path, the light of happiness comes soon.” ― Amit Ray
  9. “Maintain social distancing and wash your hands frequently with soap and water" ― Abhijit Naskar
  10. “Heavenly Father will pray for your healing upon humanity.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita
  11. “Life can still be beautiful even through a crisis.” ― Writes by Denise
  12. “No matter how slim a needle may look, a fowl can never confuse it for a worm” ― Ebai Emmanuel Ewangi
  13. Semmelweis reflex: The tendency to reject new evidence or new knowledge because it contradicts established norms, beliefs or paradigms. ― Ignaz Semmelweis

DO THE FIVE TIPS to Help stop coronavirus

coronavirus tips & be safe from coronavirus quotes

  1. HANDS Wash them often.
  2. ELBOW Cough into it.
  3. FACE Don't touch it.
  4. SPACE Keep a safe distance.
  5. FEEL sick? Stay home.

Coronavirus Quotes - COVID-19 Quotes

coronavirus quotes
Now that the virus has a foothold in so many countries, the threat of a pandemic has become very real. — Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
covid 19 quotes
Low gasoline prices don’t do much for you if schools are closed, you cancel your trip or you’re working from home because of the virus. — Daniel Yergin
covid quotes
People you trust, people you probably voted for, have spent weeks minimizing what is clearly a very serious problem. — Tucker Carlson
corona virus quotes
If you’re asking for when the financial markets see peak virus, I think it’ll be about a month from now. — Kyle Bass
covid 19 quote
We’re going to lose a chunk of activity, and then we’ll grow out of it. That’s good news. But are we going to boom out of it or crawl out of it? Crawling is looking more likely. — Julia Coronado
coronavirus quote
It’s temporary, but it’s a tornado-like headwind, so it’s going to be powerful for a period of time.  — Rick Rieder
corona virus quote
We’ve seen aggressive shopping across the country in our stores. — Brian Cornell
quotes about covid
It has a very nice floral bouquet ... I detect lilac, hydrangea, tulips. — Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York

Final Words

Thanks for reading this article on Coronavirus Captions. please be safe and be aware from this virus and please do not panic, God help us. Thank You

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