TOP 9 Dolly Parton Quotes (with meaning)

Who is Dolly Parton?

Dolly Parton is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and philanthropist. She was born on January 19, 1946, in a small town in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. From a young age, Dolly had a passion for music, and she began performing on local radio and television shows as a child.

In 1964, Parton moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a career in music. She quickly made a name for herself as a songwriter, and her songs were recorded by a number of famous country music singers, including Kitty Wells and Porter Wagoner. In 1967, she became a regular on Wagoner's TV show and also released her first solo album "Hello, I'm Dolly".

In the 1970s, Dolly began to make a name for herself as a solo artist, releasing a string of hit albums and singles. Some of her biggest hits from this decade include "Jolene," "I Will Always Love You," and "Here You Come Again". She was also a successful actress, starring in films such as "9 to 5" and "Steel Magnolias."

In the 1980s and 1990s, Dolly continued to release music, and she also began to focus more on her philanthropy, particularly in the areas of education and literacy. She established the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, a program that provides free books to children from birth to age five.

In the 2000s, Parton released several albums and she also returned to acting with several movies and television series, including "Riding the Bus with My Sister" and "Wildwood Flowers."

Throughout her career, Dolly has received numerous awards and accolades, including multiple Grammy Awards, Country Music Association Awards, and Academy of Country Music Awards. She was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1999 and the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2001.

Dolly Parton is not only known for her music and acting but also for her charitable work, her Dolly Parton's Imagination Library has donated over 150 million books to children around the world.

Dolly Parton's contributions to the entertainment industry and her philanthropic efforts have earned her a reputation as an American icon. Her music, acting and charitable works have made her a beloved figure, not just in the United States but also around the world.

Dolly Parton Quotes About Love, Success and Life

Dolly Parton is known for her wise and inspiring quotes on topics such as life, love, and success. Here are some of her famous quotes and their meanings:

Quote 1

"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."

Quote Meaning: This quote means that you should discover your true self and then actively work to become the best version of yourself. This could also mean that you should be true to yourself and live a life that aligns with your values and passions.

Quote 2

"It takes a whole lot of human feelings to make a house a home."

Quote Meaning: This quote means that a house is not a home without the love, warmth, and care of the people living in it. A house becomes a home when it is filled with the emotions and memories of the people who live in it.

Quote 3

"I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb... and I'm not blonde either."

Quote Meaning: This quote is a funny way of saying that Dolly Parton knows that she is not dumb, and that people's prejudices should not be taken seriously.

Quote 4

"I'm not just the girl on the billboard, I'm the girl who built it."

Quote Meaning: This quote means that Dolly Parton is not just a pretty face, she is a hardworking woman who has built her own success. She worked hard to be successful, and she is not just a product of her image or her marketing.

Quote 5

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."

Quote Meaning: This quote means that in order to achieve success, you have to be willing to go through difficult times and struggles. In other words, in order to reach a goal, you must be willing to put in the hard work and face obstacles along the way.

Quote 6

"I'm not just a country singer, I'm an entertainer."

Quote Meaning: This quote means that Dolly Parton is not just a singer, but she is a performer who is able to entertain audiences in many different ways, through singing, acting, comedy, and storytelling.

Quote 7

"I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do."

Quote Meaning: This quote means that Dolly Parton has always been scared of something, but she never let that fear stop her from pursuing her dreams and achieving her goals.

Quote 8

"I look just like the girls next door... if you happen to live next door to an amusement park."

Quote Meaning: This quote is a funny way of saying that Dolly Parton is not a conventional beauty, but she is unique and stands out from the crowd.

Quote 9

"I'm not rich and famous. I'm just rich."

Quote Meaning: This quote means that Dolly Parton has wealth, but she is not famous for the sake of being famous. She achieved fame and success through hard work and talent.

These quotes from Dolly Parton show her witty sense of humor, her wisdom and also her determination and the ability to overcome obstacles. Her words continue to inspire people around the world to strive for their goals, to be true to themselves and to not be limited by their fears.