Jack Harlow - Whats Poppin (2019) Song Lyrics

Here are the easy copy-paste text format lyrics of Whats Poppin song. Jack Harlow is the singer of this song and it's released in 2019.

Whats Poppin Song Lyrics in Text

What's poppin'? (Pooh, you a fool for this one)
Brand new whip, just hopped in
I got options
I could pass that b*tch like Stockton
Just joshin'
I'ma spend this holiday locked in
My body got rid of them toxins
SportsCenter, top ten

I could put the ball in the end zone
Put a bad b*tch in the friendzone, ooh
This sh*t sound like an intro
Jetson, give me that tempo, ooh

Told Pooh he a fool with this sh*t
Told her don't let her friends know
In the 'Ville and I move like a don
Eating fettuccine at Vincenzo's

Me and my 'migos got that free smoke
On the West Coast, yeah, I'm talking 'bout pre-rolls
Dark haired b*tch and she look like Shego
Hometown hero, feeling myself, can't murder my ego
She heard of my deep stroke
She said, "Babe, does it hurt when I deep throat?"
Certified freak ho
Hang around us and she learnin' my lingo
Back then, wasn't worried 'bout me though
In the gym tryna work on my free throw

Spending money at the club like Sam's
Yes, ma'am
She a lil' freak on cam
But she don't put this on the 'Gram
Lil' boys tryna diss on the 'Gram
I can't switch on the fam
Sh*t's hot, hit the switch on the fan

This where my head is
I feel resentment from every direction
Even some homies be wearing expressions
I be discouraged from sharing my blessings

We used to share a connection
Now it just feels like it's wearing and stretching
I'm getting real sick of taking advice
From people that never could stare at reflections

Somewhere in there is a lesson
Y'all ain't evolvin', it's very depressing
I'm at the club with the basketball team
Me and the Cardinals are sharing a section

Gotta cherish the present
I'm drinking water and wearing protection
Got a career and I'm very invested
Some people call it a scary obsession

I like to call it a passion
I can't be sitting relaxin'
PG, we getting some traction
I'm at the venue, it's packed in
I'm digging her accent
I got a B.B. Simon belt on me and she tryna get it unfastened

That's my type of distraction
That's my type and she Latin
Got my own flow and I'm 'bout to get a patent
Brand new sheets for the bed, they satin (soft, real soft)

Y'all wasn't tuned in back then
My swag, they keep jackin'
I ain't doin' no verse, quit askin'

What's poppin'? (Pooh, you a fool for this one)
Brand new whip, just hopped in
I got options
I could pass that b*tch like Stockton
Just joshin'
I'ma spend this holiday locked in
My body got rid of them toxins
SportsCenter, top ten

Lyrics of Whats Poppin Song

  • Title: Whats Poppin
  • Singer: Jack Harlow
  • Lyrics: Tahj Morgan / Jack Harlow / John Wesley Lucas / Nathan Ward / Darryl Lorenzo Clemons / Carlos Lamont Goodwin
  • Label: Budde Songs Inc.
  • Releasing Year: 1984

Whats Poppin Song Lyrics in Text

Whats Poppin Song Lyrics and Its Meaning

The title of this song is Whats Poppin and this song is sung by Jack Harlow, this song has been released under the banner of Budde Songs Inc. The song was released in 2019 and has so far received around 400 Million Youtube views on this song. This song is very popular among the people and this song is liked in almost every country. The popularity of this song is so high that even today when this song rings somewhere, people listen to this song with great pleasure and enjoy it.

This song is a sad song and it is very popular among the youth. The lyrics of this song touch the heart and each and every word of this song can be felt from the heart. This song is discussed all over the world and no such person will be found who does not like this song. 

There are many lyrical videos available for this song, but the lyrics of this song are very less available in the text format. There are many people who want to learn this song and they search the lyrics of this song in text format on the internet so that they can read these texts and learn this song and put their talent in front of the people. Keeping all these things in mind, we have prepared this article for you so that you do not have any problem learning or singing this song.

We have written the lyrics of this song very closely. You have to copy the above lyrics and save them by paste in your notepad and you will be able to learn this song easily.

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