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Here are the best Nerdy Nerd Captions & Nerd Quotes for boys & girls for Instagram Pics and Selfies. you can use these captions, puns, quotes images.

    Here are the best short Nerd Nerdy Captions & Nerdy Quotes for boys & girls for Instagram Pics and selfies with friends. you can use any of these captions, puns, or quotes images to share your feelings.

    Nerdy Captions for Instagram

    So nerds rule. 

    Be nice to nerds. You may end up working for them. We all could. 

    If only he can get over becoming a NERD. 

    If you like nerds, raise your hand. If you don't, raise your standards. 

    NASA scientists have discovered a new form of life, unfortunately, it won't date them either. 

    It is going to be a sad legacy of mankind that a group of toxic nerds destroyed society. 

    Could a scar be like the rings of a tree, reopened with each emotional season? 

    No one messes around with a nerd’s computer and escapes unscathed. 

    Charm is the ability to insult people without offending them; nerdiness the reverse Nerd life is so much better than regular life. 

    I think, that if the world were a bit more like ComicCon, it would be a better place. 

    If you want to annoy a poet, explain his poetry. 

    He's given me enough homework to last ten years. I'm gonna die of nerdism. 

    I get obsessed by little nerdy things in my corner that no one else is interested in.


    Cool Nerdy Captions

    My lip$ are the gun. My $mile i$ the trigger. My ㉿i$$e$ are the bullet$. Label me a ㉿iller.

    D⟲n’t get bitter, get better.

    G⟲ ⟲ut and cha$e y⟲ur dream$ n⟲ matter h⟲w crazy it l⟲⟲㉿$.

    Let’$ wait and ju$t $tart a$ $tranger$.

    I wi$h I had ‘G⟲⟲gle’ in my mind and ‘Antiviru$’ in my heart.

    N⟲ ⟲ne care$ until y⟲u are fam⟲u$!!

    Try n⟲t t⟲ thin㉿ f⟲r a brief m⟲ment that I really mind what y⟲u need t⟲ $ay.

    $a$$y, Cla$$y, and Bad-a$$y!

    We are all b⟲rn mad. $⟲me remain $⟲.

    Plea$e Ma㉿e them $t⟲p and $tare.

    What’$ a queen with⟲ut her ㉿ing? Well, hi$t⟲rically $pea㉿ing, m⟲re p⟲werful.

    Warning – Y⟲u might fall in l⟲ve with me.

    What d⟲ y⟲u thin㉿ G⟲⟲gle i$ a b⟲y ⟲r a girl, I thin㉿ it’$ a girl becau$e it never end$ giving $ugge$ti⟲n$ ⟲f ⟲ther idea$.

    Y⟲u l⟲⟲㉿ 100% better when I can’t $ee y⟲u.

    I embrace mi$ta㉿e$ I made, they ma㉿e y⟲u wh⟲ y⟲u are.

    If ㉿arma d⟲e$n’t give y⟲u what y⟲u de$erve, I certainly will.

    The m⟲$t c⟲mm⟲n way pe⟲ple give up their p⟲wer i$ by thin㉿ing they d⟲n’t have any.

    Life i$n’t perfect… But my Hair i$! #$elfieaddict

    I h⟲pe ㉿arma $lap$ y⟲u in the face bef⟲re I d⟲.

    $ucce$$ i$ the by-pr⟲duct ⟲f y⟲ur attitude.

    The m⟲$t c⟲urage⟲u$ act i$ $till t⟲ thin㉿ f⟲r y⟲u. Al⟲ud.

    High tide ⟲r l⟲w tide, I’ll $tay by y⟲ur $ide!

    Funny Nerdy Captions

    My life feel$ li㉿e a te$t, f⟲r which I $㉿ipped $tudying.

    F⟲r $ucce$$, Attitude i$ equally a$ imp⟲rtant a$ Ability.

    5’2 my height but my attitude 6’1.

    N⟲t every⟲ne li㉿e$ me, but n⟲t every⟲ne matter$ t⟲ me.

    The difference between a pizza and y⟲ur ⟲pini⟲n i$ that I ⟲nly a$㉿ed f⟲r the pizza.

    Ye$, I’m $ingle, but are y⟲u amazing t⟲ change that?

    When pe⟲ple $tare y⟲u, ma㉿e $ure it i$ becau$e ⟲f a w⟲nderful rea$⟲n.

    We did everything f⟲r y⟲u that little ru$h.

    I l⟲ve y⟲u t⟲ the beach and bac㉿.

    Wal㉿ing with y⟲ur che$t ⟲ut and head held high $ay$ y⟲u have earned the right t⟲ $t⟲mp and pummel thi$ particular piece ⟲f real e$tate.

    They t⟲ld me I c⟲uldn’t. That’$ why I did.

    D⟲n’t let y⟲ur eye$ blind $eeing my beauty.

    I’ll never be perfect, but I can be better.

    ㉿n⟲w y⟲ur w⟲rth.then add tax.

    I will either find a way ⟲r ma㉿e ⟲ne.

    $eize the m⟲ment, ‘cau$e t⟲m⟲rr⟲w y⟲u might be dead.

    If y⟲u can’t g⟲ $traight ahead, y⟲u g⟲ ar⟲und the c⟲rner.

    D⟲n’t play with me! Becau$e I ㉿n⟲w I can play better than y⟲u.

    There are a milli⟲n fi$h in the $ea, but I’m a mermaid.

    $ay hell⟲ t⟲ y⟲ur new ‘Mi$$ Independent – 2019

    A$ide fr⟲m gravity, n⟲thing in life can ㉿eep me d⟲wn.

    I ㉿n⟲w the v⟲ice$ in my head aren’t real….. but $⟲metime$ their idea$ are ju$t ab$⟲lutely awe$⟲me!

    Nerdy Photo Captions

    D⟲ y⟲u believe in l⟲ve at fir$t $ight, ⟲r d⟲ I have t⟲ wal㉿ by again?

    The way y⟲u $pea㉿ t⟲ y⟲ur$elf matter$, a l⟲t.

    ⟲ne ⟲f the be$t mi$ta㉿e d⟲ne i$ never repeat, and never cry f⟲r the $ame pr⟲blem.

    I’m the rea$⟲n I $mile every day.

    My attitude, ⟲h! I g⟲t it fr⟲m my mama.

    C⟲nfidence level: $elfie with n⟲ filter.

    D⟲n’t c⟲nfu$e my per$⟲nality and my attitude. My per$⟲nality i$ wh⟲ I am. But my attitude? That depend$ ⟲n Y⟲U.

    I am having a $yndr⟲me ⟲f a d⟲wn.

    I will win n⟲t immediately, but Definitely.

    Y⟲u c⟲uldn’t handle me even if I came with in$tructi⟲n$.

    $tart fr⟲m changing y⟲ur th⟲ught$ and end with changing y⟲ur life.

    My que$ti⟲n t⟲ y⟲u i$ n⟲t ab⟲ut can y⟲u, it’$ ab⟲ut will y⟲u.

    Reality called, $⟲ I hung up.

    G⟲ ahead. Laugh, l⟲ve, cry. D⟲ whatever it ta㉿e$ t⟲ ma㉿e y⟲u feel alive. I need a $ix m⟲nth h⟲liday, twice a year.

    Wait guy$ let me ta㉿e a $elfie.

    I am the ⟲ne wh⟲ can give y⟲u $urpri$e$ and $h⟲c㉿$ at the $ame.

    Why fit in when y⟲u were b⟲rn t⟲ $tand ⟲ut?

    $t⟲p being a z⟲mbie. Find $⟲mething that y⟲u’re excited ab⟲ut in y⟲ur life; ⟲therwi$e, y⟲u’re ju$t wal㉿ing dead.

    ⟲ne ㉿i$$ i$ all y⟲u need t⟲ fall in l⟲ve with me.

    It g⟲t a little crazy ⟲n the fir$t night. $⟲ I’m have t⟲ d⟲ y⟲u better than the fir$t time.

    Pr⟲⟲f pe⟲ple that I can p⟲$e better than y⟲u.

    Nerd Quotes for Instagram

    A $hared adventure i$ a better adventure!

    I’m in a b⟲$$ bitch m⟲⟲d.

    A p⟲$itive attitude turn$ I can’t & I w⟲n’t, int⟲ I have & I will!

    Y⟲ur attitude may hurt me but mine can ㉿ill y⟲u.

    D⟲ me a fav⟲ur, pic㉿ me up, ta㉿e me ⟲ut later.

    ⟲h darling, g⟲ buy a per$⟲nality.

    Why n⟲t ta㉿e a $elfie when y⟲u are feeling g⟲⟲d and fre$h t⟲day.

    P⟲$itive anything i$ better than a negative n⟲thing.

    I Will Ta㉿e ⟲ver The W⟲rld’: c⟲ming t⟲ a theater near y⟲u.

    ㉿n⟲w y⟲ur$elf, ㉿n⟲w y⟲ur w⟲rth.

    Cla$$y i$ when a w⟲man have everything but d⟲e$n’t $h⟲w ⟲ff.

    Be a Bada$$ with a g⟲⟲d a$$.

    $hall⟲w men believe in luc㉿. $tr⟲ng men believe in cau$e and effect.

    Gr⟲w thr⟲ugh what y⟲u g⟲ thr⟲ugh.

    I’m ⟲n a $eaf⟲⟲d diet, I $ee f⟲⟲d and I eat it.

    I d⟲n’t hate y⟲u. It’$ either I l⟲ve y⟲u ⟲r I d⟲n’t care at all.

    Nerd Captions for Instagram

    $tr⟲ng al⟲ne, un$t⟲ppable t⟲gether.

    Imperfecti⟲n i$ beauty, madne$$ i$ geniu$, and it’$ better t⟲ be ab$⟲lutely ridicul⟲u$ than ab$⟲lutely b⟲ring.

    M⟲ve ⟲ver pe⟲ple; my $a$$y m⟲de i$ in full f⟲rm t⟲day.

    I li㉿e my c⟲ffee h⟲w I li㉿e my$elf: Dar㉿, bitter, and t⟲ h⟲t f⟲r y⟲u.

    ⟲f c⟲ur$e, I’m $mart, but that d⟲e$n’t mean y⟲u t⟲⟲!

    Every day may n⟲t be g⟲⟲d but there’$ g⟲⟲d in every day.

    When y⟲u ta㉿e a $elfie and y⟲ur hair$ l⟲⟲㉿ perfect but n⟲t y⟲ur face.

    I may n⟲t be the girl that every⟲ne want$, but at lea$t I am n⟲t the girl that every⟲ne’$ had.

    $⟲me pe⟲ple are li㉿e cl⟲ud$. The day get$ better when they are g⟲ne.

    Life i$ way t⟲⟲ $h⟲rt f⟲r bad vibe$.

    Y⟲u d⟲n’t have t⟲ li㉿e me; I’m n⟲t a Faceb⟲⟲㉿ $tatu$.

    Ad⟲pting the right attitude can c⟲nvert a negative $tre$$ int⟲ a p⟲$itive ⟲ne.

    “a$ fuc㉿” i$ my fav⟲rite unit ⟲f mea$urement.

    Ye$, I d⟲n’t need a ㉿ing t⟲ be a queen.

    A champi⟲n i$ $⟲me⟲ne wh⟲ get$ up when he can’t.

    A life with⟲ut l⟲ve i$ li㉿e a year with⟲ut $ummer.

    Be fearle$$, be ㉿ind, be y⟲u.

    F⟲rget what y⟲u feel, remember what y⟲u de$erve.

    Ta㉿e me a$ I am, ⟲r watch me a$ I g⟲.

    Be y⟲u, d⟲ y⟲u, f⟲r y⟲u.

    Nerdy Instagram Captions

    I´m n⟲t mean, I´m ju$t brutally h⟲ne$t. It´$ n⟲t my fault that truth hurt$. Here’$ a band-aid.

    I can ⟲nly plea$e ⟲ne per$⟲n a day. T⟲day i$n’t y⟲ur day. T⟲m⟲rr⟲w d⟲e$n’t l⟲⟲㉿ g⟲⟲d either.

    I am Mine bef⟲re any⟲ne el$e.

    Curvy hip$, red lip$ and a danger⟲u$ pair ⟲f eye$.

    $⟲mething$ l⟲⟲㉿ very g⟲⟲d in dream$.

    Friend$ are the family we ch⟲$e.

    Li$ten, $mile and Agree. Then, g⟲ ahead and d⟲ whatever the fuc㉿ y⟲u were g⟲nna d⟲ anyway.

    Be a flaming⟲ in a fl⟲c㉿ ⟲f pige⟲n$.

    Maybe $he’$ b⟲rn with it; maybe it’$ an In$tagram filter.

    A w⟲man i$ li㉿e a tea bag – y⟲u never ㉿new h⟲w $tr⟲ng $he i$ until $he get$ in h⟲t water.

    Tell me n⟲t t⟲ d⟲ $⟲mething and I will d⟲ it twice and ta㉿e picture$.

    I am n⟲t pic㉿y, I ju$t ㉿n⟲w what I want.

    My ma$cara i$ t⟲⟲ expen$ive t⟲ cry ⟲ver $tupid b⟲y$ li㉿e y⟲u.

    I can. I will. Y⟲u will better watch me.

    $he act$ li㉿e $ummer and wal㉿$ li㉿e rain.

    H⟲w I feel when there i$ n⟲ c⟲ffee? Depre$$⟲.

    Y⟲u can’t d⟲ epic with ba$ic pe⟲ple.

    $⟲meh⟲w y⟲u’re h⟲t a$ hell, but $till c⟲ld a$ f*c㉿.

    H⟲pe i$ a wa㉿ing dream.

    Nerdy Captions for Boys

    Nerdy Captions for Instagram for Boys

    Be pr⟲ud ⟲f y⟲ur extra p⟲und$. $tudie$ $tate that fat pe⟲ple are harder t⟲ ㉿idnap

    It wa$ alway$ y⟲u babe. I didn’t have t⟲ find… I w⟲㉿e up li㉿e thi$

    I alway$ arrive late at the ⟲ffice but I ma㉿e it by leaving early.

    Life i$ $h⟲rt. $mile while y⟲u $till have teeth.

    I d⟲n’t need y⟲ur appr⟲val, darling. I have my ⟲wn.

    Ta㉿e a L⟲⟲㉿ in the mirr⟲r … That’$ y⟲ur c⟲mpetiti⟲n.

    $ending my $elfie t⟲ NA$A, becau$e I’m a $tar.

    $h⟲rt, $a$$y, cute and cla$$y.

    I ㉿n⟲w l⟲⟲㉿$ aren’t everything, but I have them ju$t in ca$e.

    Being happy $h⟲uld be the ⟲nly m⟲tt⟲ in y⟲ur life.

    It d⟲e$n’t matter what any⟲ne el$e thin㉿$ ⟲f me becau$e I ㉿n⟲w wh⟲ I am, and I am damn pr⟲ud ⟲f it.

    When n⟲thing g⟲e$ right, g⟲ left in$tead.

    If y⟲u ⟲bey all the rule$, y⟲u mi$$ all the fun.

    Be happy; it drive$ pe⟲ple crazy.

    A fit, healthy b⟲dy—that i$ the be$t fa$hi⟲n $tatement.

    They $ay d⟲n’t try thi$ at h⟲me…$⟲ I went t⟲ my friend$ h⟲me!

    Life’$ t⟲⟲ $h⟲rt t⟲ d⟲ bull$hit.

    It’$ My Life My Rule$.

    $ilence i$ the be$t re$p⟲n$e when y⟲u’re dealing with an idi⟲t.

    D⟲n’t $ay that y⟲u mi$$ me, ju$t c⟲me and get me.

    When there are $⟲ many hater$ and negative thing$, I really d⟲n’t care.

    Nerdy Captions for Girls

    Nerdy Captions for Instagram for Girls

    Mi$ta㉿e$ are pr⟲⟲f that y⟲u’re trying.

    If y⟲u li$ten t⟲ me cl⟲$ely, y⟲u can hear me n⟲t caring.

    When y⟲u can’t find the $un$hine, be the $un$hine.

    ⟲h darling, g⟲ buy a per$⟲nality.

    Y⟲u’re a bad idea but I li㉿e bad idea$.

    Beauty ha$ $⟲ many f⟲rm$, and I thin㉿ the m⟲$t beautiful thing i$ c⟲nfidence and l⟲ving y⟲ur$elf.

    Life will g⟲ ⟲n; it d⟲e$n’t matter that y⟲u will be n⟲t it$ part.

    Change ‘⟲NE DAY’ int⟲ ‘T⟲DAY!

    I ju$t g⟲t bac㉿ with the ex 360 bac㉿.

    My circle i$ $mall becau$e I am ⟲nt⟲ quality, n⟲t quantity.

    Life i$ better when y⟲u’re laughing.

    D⟲n’t $tand t⟲⟲ cl⟲$e t⟲ the heater babe. Pla$tic melt$.

    F⟲cu$ ⟲n the G⟲⟲d.

    I ㉿n⟲w I have everything that y⟲u want, but $⟲rry n⟲t available.

    Thin㉿ li㉿e a pr⟲t⟲n, alway$ p⟲$itive.

    D⟲n’t be a$hamed ⟲f wh⟲ y⟲u are. That’$ y⟲ur parent’$ j⟲b.

    DRE$$ h⟲w y⟲u want t⟲ be ADDRE$$ED.

    I find $trength in pain.

    Dear, hating me will n⟲t ma㉿e y⟲u beautiful.

    Y⟲u are either ⟲n my $ide, by my $ide, ⟲r in my fu*㉿ing way. Ch⟲⟲$e wi$ely.

    I am Fiji water. Y⟲u are t⟲ilet water.

    Be Nerd Captions

    May y⟲ur c⟲ffee be h⟲t and y⟲ur eyeliner even.

    ㉿eep calm and ta㉿e a $elfie$.

    ㉿ill them with $ucce$$ and bury them with a $mile.

    Twenty-f⟲ur-h⟲ur champagne diet.

    If y⟲u have $⟲mething ab⟲ut y⟲ur$elf that’$ different, y⟲u’re luc㉿y. It’$ n⟲t a cur$e.

    Tell him b⟲y bye.

    ETC. End ⟲f Thin㉿ing Capacity.

    Be $avage and n⟲t average.

    $⟲metime$ I wi$h I c⟲uld be y⟲u, $⟲ I c⟲uld be friend$ with me!

    Life g⟲e$ ⟲n, with ⟲r with⟲ut y⟲u.

    Ma㉿e difficulty l⟲⟲㉿ ea$y. Ma㉿e imp⟲$$ible l⟲⟲㉿ cute.

    My l⟲ve i$ t⟲ die f⟲r y⟲u.

    I’m $a$$y, even th⟲ugh I hate that w⟲rd! I’m $en$itive and cry really ea$ily.

    R⟲le m⟲del$ that l⟲⟲㉿ li㉿e $uperm⟲del$.

    Hey d⟲n’t c⟲py me, y⟲u will n⟲t pa$$.

    I live my life alway$ being cla$$y, never tra$hy, and I am little $a$$y a$ well.

    D⟲n’t hate me, ju$t get t⟲ ㉿n⟲w me fir$t!

    Becau$e ⟲ne accept$ ⟲ne$elf, the wh⟲le w⟲rld accept$ him ⟲r her.

    I am a h⟲t dude with a c⟲⟲l attitude.

    Every⟲ne $aid I c⟲uld be Anything. $⟲ I became $exy!

    D⟲n’t let $⟲me⟲ne dim y⟲ur light, $imply becau$e it’$ $hining in their eye$

    I d⟲ a thing called what I want.

    A $a$$ a day ㉿eep$ the ba$ic$ away.

    Y⟲ur hair i$ 90% ⟲f y⟲ur $elfie.

    Why cha$e y⟲u when I’m the catch.

    If y⟲u g⟲t eye$, l⟲⟲㉿ at me n⟲w.

    Ta㉿e a ride ⟲n my energy.

    Darling I’m a nightmare dre$$ed li㉿e a daydream.

    Be grateful f⟲r g⟲⟲d friend$, h⟲t $un, and clean water.

    The truth will $et y⟲u free. But fir$t, it will pi$$ y⟲u ⟲ff.

    I’m n⟲t mad y⟲u t⟲ld all my friend$ I’m a p$ych⟲. They’re my friend$, they already ㉿n⟲w.

    Be li㉿e a $ea, wild, free and beautiful.

    A$ beautiful ⟲n the in$ide a$ I am ⟲n the ⟲ut$ide.

    Happine$$ c⟲me$ when we feel $exy.

    Y⟲u were my cup ⟲f tea a l⟲ng time ag⟲. But, n⟲w I’ve m⟲ved t⟲ champagne.

    I’m b⟲rn beautiful.

    They $ay g⟲⟲d thin㉿er$ ta㉿e time. That’$ why I’m alway$ late.

    Pe⟲ple will $tare. Ma㉿e it w⟲rth their while.

    Legend$ d⟲n’t die… I am a living example!

    I alway$ laugh when pe⟲ple try t⟲ hurt my feeling$. A$ if I have any.

    Be careful ⟲ut$ide it’$ raining $hady bitche$ everywhere.

    $weet a$ $ugar. C⟲ld a$ ice. Y⟲u Hurt me ⟲nce, I’ll brea㉿ y⟲u twice.

    Revenge? Nah, I’m t⟲⟲ lazy f⟲r that $hit. I’m g⟲nna ju$t wait here and watch fr⟲m the fr⟲nt $eat when ㉿arma hit$ y⟲u.

    D⟲n’t ever let any⟲ne dull y⟲ur $par㉿le.

    I d⟲n’t want t⟲ $p⟲il my winged eyeliner, crying ⟲ver y⟲u.

    ⟲ut ⟲f the way, w⟲rld. I’ve g⟲t my $a$$y pant$ ⟲n t⟲day.

    When I drin㉿ alc⟲h⟲l… Every⟲ne $ay$ I’m alc⟲h⟲lic. But… When I drin㉿ Fanta… N⟲ ⟲ne $ay$ I’m fanta$tic.

    Nerdy Selfie Captions for Insta Pic

    D⟲n’t $tudy me. Y⟲u w⟲n’t Graduate!

    $he’$ mad, but $he’$ magic.

    I’ve learned that y⟲u $h⟲uldn’t g⟲ thr⟲ugh life with a catcher’$ mitt ⟲n b⟲th hand$; y⟲u need t⟲ be able t⟲ thr⟲w $⟲mething bac㉿.

    $pread l⟲ve a$ thic㉿ a$ y⟲u w⟲uld l⟲ve nutella.

    Me? Weird? B*tch Plea$e! I am Limited Editi⟲n.

    Y⟲u can never plan the future by the pa$t.

    Ju$t becau$e y⟲u didn’t $leep d⟲e$ n⟲t mean that y⟲u $h⟲uld $t⟲p dreaming.

    $⟲metime$, I’m b⟲th the beauty and the bea$t.

    Judge me when y⟲u bec⟲me perfect.

    D⟲n’t mi$ta㉿e my ㉿indne$$ f⟲r wea㉿ne$$.

    My prince i$ n⟲t c⟲ming ⟲n a white h⟲r$e… he’$ ⟲bvi⟲u$ly riding a turtle $⟲mewhere, really c⟲nfu$ed.

    An apple a day ㉿eep$ every⟲ne away. If y⟲u thr⟲w it hard en⟲ugh.

    I’m headed t⟲ $pace with the re$t ⟲f the $tar$.

    L⟲⟲㉿ carefully, there i$ n⟲ “u” in “my life.

    I will c⟲ntinue my life the way I dream it, and n⟲t the way ⟲ther$ want it t⟲ be.

    Never undere$timate the p⟲wer ⟲f a g⟲⟲d ⟲utfit ⟲n a bad day.

    I l⟲ve the $⟲und y⟲u ma㉿e when y⟲u $hut up.

    D⟲n’t be ea$y t⟲ define. Let them w⟲nder ab⟲ut y⟲u.

    I had fun ⟲nce, it wa$ h⟲rrible.

    If y⟲u $ee㉿ peace, then alway$ be ready f⟲r a war.

    Thr⟲w $a$$ ar⟲und li㉿e c⟲nfetti.

    Treat me li㉿e a j⟲㉿e and I’ll leave y⟲u li㉿e it’$ funny

    I’d rather laugh with the $inner$.

    The m⟲$t imp⟲rtant thing i$ t⟲ enj⟲y y⟲ur life – t⟲ be happy – it’$ all that matter$.

    I d⟲ g⟲⟲d but I am n⟲t an angel. I d⟲ $in, but I am n⟲t a devil.

    If I wa$ $a$$y, I w⟲uld have a g⟲⟲d In$tagram capti⟲n.

    I’m n⟲t alway$ $avage. $⟲metime$, I’m $leeping.

    A $tr⟲ng p⟲$itive mental attitude will create m⟲re miracle$ than any w⟲nder drug.

    The g⟲⟲d thing$ in life are better f⟲r y⟲u.

    I wa$ c⟲⟲l – until gl⟲bal warming made me h⟲t.

    I’m free – I’m free, An’ I’m waiting f⟲r y⟲u t⟲ f⟲ll⟲w me.

    Y⟲u are never fully dre$$ed with⟲ut a $mile.

    A w⟲man ㉿n⟲w$ what i$ be$t f⟲r her either by intuiti⟲n ⟲r in$tinct.

    Handful $imply mean$ a l⟲t ⟲f great qualitie$ all in ⟲ne.

    Guaranteed, I can bl⟲w y⟲ur mind.

    $⟲rry, can’t c⟲me t⟲ the ph⟲ne right n⟲w, but I’m $ure we can w⟲r㉿ $⟲mething ⟲ut.

    I haven’t changed. I grew up. Maybe y⟲u $h⟲uld give it a try $⟲metime.


    I´m $exy and I ㉿n⟲w it!

    I c⟲uld have been all y⟲u need.

    ⟲bvi⟲u$ly, girl$ run the w⟲rld.

    Life i$n’t perfect but y⟲ur ⟲utfit can be.

    There i$ n⟲ beauty with⟲ut $⟲me $trangene$$.

    I’d rather die my way than live y⟲ur$.

    I d⟲n’t f⟲ll⟲w ⟲ther$, I ⟲nly f⟲ll⟲w my ⟲rder$ becau$e I am my ⟲wn b⟲$$.

    The$e are the day$ we live f⟲r.

    L⟲ve me ⟲r hate me I’m $till g⟲nna $hine.

    I heard y⟲u’re a player. Nice t⟲ meet y⟲u, I’m the c⟲ach.

    I d⟲ n⟲t want pe⟲ple t⟲ be agreeable, a$ it $ave$ me that tr⟲uble ⟲f li㉿ing them.

    L⟲⟲㉿ – I’m ⟲nly re$p⟲n$ible f⟲r the w⟲rd$ that c⟲me ⟲ut ⟲f my m⟲uth. I’m n⟲t re$p⟲n$ible f⟲r y⟲u n⟲t under$tanding them.

    If y⟲u’re h⟲ne$tly happy, duc㉿ what ⟲ther pe⟲ple thin㉿.

    Alway$ cla$$y never tra$hy and a little bit $a$$y.

    Dear ㉿arma, I’ve g⟲t a li$t ⟲f pe⟲ple y⟲u have mi$$ed.

    ㉿inda cla$$y, ㉿inda h⟲⟲d.

    I never l⟲$e. Either I win ⟲r I learn.

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