Colton Underwood Quotes Images [Sayings by Colton Underwood]

Here you get the most famous inspirational & motivational Colton Underwood Quotes and Colton Underwood Sayings and phrases with aesthetic quote images.

    Colton Underwood Quotes

    Here you get the most famous inspirational & motivational Colton Underwood Quotes and Colton Underwood Sayings and phrases with aesthetic quote images.

    I'm so grateful, i can't tell you how much I've been smiling. – Colton Underwood 

    “The thing you come to realize as you grow up and get older is that your parents are people, too. They aren’t infallible. They’re trying to figure out” ― Colton Underwood 

    I really hope that throughout all of this, you get to see different sides of me than just the label of virgin, lets hope that theres more to it than just the virginity thing. – Colton Underwood 

    [ The show taught me ] that I'm straight and I'm very, very attracted to Cassie Randolph for that [ Randolph ] and women -- but it would have been OK if it would have been the other way too.– Colton Underwood 

    Colton Underwood doesnt just a lot of things that go into it. Its not a simple answer, people ask me the question and they expect this, Boom, this is why, and I cant give them that, because thats not how it is... Thats just the facts.– Colton Underwood 

    Colton Underwood Sayings

    “But no amount of experience makes you more suitable for a relationship. Love is love. It’s either there or it’s not. You don’t get better at falling in love or making it last, not in the way you can improve at communicating or learning to be more patient or listening to a different point of view. The only thing you can do is recognize it and then treat it like the most precious thing in your life.”― Colton Underwood 

    I'm so grateful for the franchise for helping me grow, but I continue to have moments of self-reflection to realize,' Hey, maybe this is why I am the way I am,'. – Colton Underwood 

    But I woke up one morning and realized that a future wasn't there, and it was a good thing to happen because now I can take what I learned in that relationship and apply it to future relationships. And Tia Booth and I are in a very good place. And I wish Tia Booth all the best.– Colton Underwood 

    “Our next Happy Couple home was a mansion in LA, where I spent one entire day showering in each of the five different bathrooms while the show captured”― Colton Underwood 

    Thats the scariest part of it all, i dont know how, I dont know when, I dont know where it came from, how long I had it and how long it was sitting in me or I was infecting other people. – Colton Underwood 

    The main thing is I can't even walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath or going to the bathroom without having to sit down because I'm exhausted. – Colton Underwood 

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