Angela Davis Quotes Images [Quote by Angela Y Davis]

Here you get the most famous inspirational & motivational Angela Davis Quotes and Angela Davis Sayings and phrases with aesthetic quote images.

Here you get the most famous inspirational & motivational Angela Davis Quotes and Angela Davis Sayings and phrases with aesthetic quote images.

    Here you get the most famous inspirational & motivational Angela Davis Quotes and Angela Davis Sayings and phrases with aesthetic quote images.

    Angela Davis Quotes

    “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” ― Angela Y. Davis 

    “Radical simply means "grasping things at the root.” ― Angela Davis 

    “The idea of freedom is inspiring. But what does it mean? If you are free in a political sense but have no food, what's that? The freedom to starve?” ― Angela Y. Davis 

    “You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.” ― Angela Davis 

    “We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.” ― Angela Davis 

    “In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.” ― Angela Y. Davis 

    “Sometimes we have to do the work even though we don't yet see a glimmer on the horizon that it's actually going to be possible.” ― Angela Y. Davis 

    “When Obama was elected president, a prisoner said “one black man in the White House doesn’t make up for one million black men in the Big House.” ― Angela Y. Davis 

    “Prisons do not disappear social problems, they disappear human beings. Homelessness, unemployment, drug addiction, mental illness, and illiteracy are only a few of the problems that disappear from public view when the human beings contending with them are relegated to cages.” ― Angela Davis 

    “We know the road to freedom has always been stalked by death.” ― Angela Davis 

    “Progressive art can assist people to learn not only about the objective forces at work in the society in which they live, but also about the intensely social character of their interior lives. Ultimately, it can propel people toward social emancipation” ― Angela Davis 

    “It is in collectivities that we find reservoirs of hope and optimism.” ― Angela Y. Davis 

    “We have inherited a fear of memories of slavery. It is as if to remember and acknowledge slavery would amount to our being consumed by it. As a matter of fact, in the popular black imagination, it is easier for us to construct ourselves as children of Africa, as the sons and daughters of kings and queens, and thereby ignore the Middle Passage and centuries of enforced servitude in the Americas. Although some of us might indeed be the descendants of African royalty, most of us are probably descendants of their subjects, the daughters and sons of African peasants or workers.” ― Angela Davis 

    “I try never to take myself for granted as somebody who should be out there speaking. Rather, I'm doing it only because I feel there's something important that needs to be conveyed.” ― Angela Davis 

    “I don't think we have any alternative other than remaining optimistic. Optimism is an absolute necessity, even if it's only optimism of the will, as Gramsci said, and pessimism of the intellect.” ― Angela Y. Davis 

    “I feel that if we don't take seriously the ways in which racism is embedded in structures of institutions, if we assume that there must be an identifiable racist who is the perpetrator, then we won't ever succeed in eradicating racism.” ― Angela Y. Davis 

    “In many ways, you can say that the prison serves as an institution that consolidates the state’s inability and refusal to address the most pressing social problems of this era.” ― Angela Y. Davis 

    “One of the reasons that so many people of color and poor people are in prison is that the deindustrialization of the economy has led to the creation of new economies and the expansion of some old ones – I have already mentioned the drug trade and the market for sexual services. At the same time, though, there is any number of communities that more than welcome prisons as a source of employment. Communities even compete with one another to be the site where new prisons will be constructed because prisons create a significant number of relatively good jobs for their residents” ― Angela Davis 

    “If we do not know how to meaningfully talk about racism, our actions will move in misleading directions.” ― Angela Y. Davis 

    “Anyway I don't think we can rely on governments, regardless of who is in power, to do the work that only mass movements can do.” ― Angela Y. Davis 

    “Whenever you conceptualize social justice struggles, you will always defeat your own purposes if you cannot imagine the people around whom you are struggling as equal partners.” ― Angela Y. Davis 

    “What can we learn from women like Gertrude "Ma" Rainey, Bessie Smith, and Billie Holiday that we may not be able to learn from Ida B. Wells, Anna Julia Cooper, and Mary Church Terrell? If we were beginning to appreciate the blasphemies of fictionalized blues women - especially their outrageous politics of sexuality - and the knowledge that might be gleaned from their lives about the possibilities of transforming gender relations within black communities, perhaps we also could benefit from a look at the artistic contributions of the original blues women.” ― Angela Y. Davis 

    Quotes by Angela Davis

    "Well, we see an increasingly weaker labor movement as a result of the overall assault on the labor movement and as a result of the globalization of capital." - Angela Davis 

    "I think that has to do with my awareness that in a sense we all have a certain measure of responsibility to those who have made it possible for us to take advantage of the opportunities." - Angela Davis 

    "Now, if we look at the way in which the labor movement itself has evolved over the last couple of decades, we see increasing numbers of black people who are in the leadership of the labor movement and this is true today." - Angela Davis 

    "This is the sports she enjoys the most. She gets so excited about it." - Angela Davis 

    "That's true but I think the contemporary problem that we are facing increasing numbers of black people and other people of color being thrown into a status that involves work in alternative economies and increasing numbers of people who are incarcerated." - Angela Davis 

    "Well of course there's been a great deal of progress over the last 40 years. We don't have laws that segregate black people within the society any longer." - Angela Davis 

    "You can never stop and as older people, we have to learn how to take leadership from the youth and I guess I would say that this is what I'm attempting to do right now." - Angela Davis 

    "Radical simply means "grasping things at the root." - Angela Davis 

    "We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society." - Angela Davis 

    "When Bush says democracy, I often wonder what he's referring to." - Angela Davis 

    "I think the importance of doing activist work is precisely because it allows you to give back and to consider yourself not as a single individual who may have achieved whatever but to be a part of an ongoing historical movement." - Angela Davis 

    "And I guess what I would say is that we can't think narrowly about movements for black liberation and we can't necessarily see this class division as simply a product or a certain strategy that black movements have developed for liberation." - Angela Davis 

    "I decided to teach because I think that any person who studies philosophy has to be involved actively." - Angela Davis 

    "Racism, in the first place, is a weapon used by the wealthy to increase the profits they bring in by paying Black workers less for their work." - Angela Davis 

    "To understand how any society functions you must understand the relationship between the men and the women" - Angela Davis 

    "We've had a lot of parents ask questions about the program," - Angela Davis 

    "To understand how any society functions you must understand the relationship between the men and the women." - Angela Davis 

    "First of all, I didn't suggest that we should simply get rid of all prisons." - Angela Davis 

    "Jails and prisons are designed to break human beings, to convert the population into specimens in a zoo - obedient to our keepers, but dangerous to each other." - Angela Davis 

    "Racism is a much more clandestine, much more hidden kind of phenomenon, but at the same time it's perhaps far more terrible than it's ever been." - Angela Davis 

    "These are the rules for the mullet hunt," - Angela Davis 

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    "But at the same time you can't assume that making a difference 20 years ago is going to allow you to sort of live on the laurels of those victories for the rest of your life." - Angela Davis